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“Lewis Hamilton is no longer top dog” Eddie Jordan gets brutally honest on Mercedes Star Driver

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion, currently having the worst spell of his career for the first time since 2009 with his present team – Mercedes. 

Since the start of the 2022 season, George Russell, another member of the Mercedes team, has been outperforming Hamilton, and he is currently in fourth place ahead of Hamilton.

Eddie Jordan or simply EJ, the so called F1 guru of analysis, has recently praised Russell for his outstanding performances on the F1 championship by saying, “George Russell has knocked Lewis Hamilton off his perch”.

The 25 year old rising star Russell regarded as a gifted child with accumulating more than 6 million dollar with his new Mercedes contract that excludes sponsorships. 

EJ, who works as a top pundit for both the BBC and Top Gear, indirectly lauded George for his bolstering performances by quoting, “Lewis Hamilton is no longer top dog”. Unfortunately Russell’s achievements became absurd for his fellow deadbeat teammate Lewis.

Frustrating and underperforming cars are playing a key role in the disastrous results for Hamilton according to a number of speculations. 

Russell, on the other hand, has been suggesting a solution for his Mercedes team with the concept of reducing the porpoising of the F1 cars and this concept is being highly applauded by many pundits of F1 and relevant medias.

Porpoising in F1 is one of the common phenomenon in the world of track racing which is treated as a developing topic for the betterment of both the drivers and the contractors. It is that kind of issue that might be invisible in the open eyes but could make serious trouble for the super racing cars during the racing championships. 

In the world of F1 anything can happen and as a veteran and champion, Hamilton knows it better than any other current racers. There are still great amount of chances for him in this aspect to improve his marks on the grid.

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