Becky Lynch proclaims intention to lead the WWE women’s division, throwing subtle jab at Rhea Ripley

Becky Lynch, the current WWE NXT champion, recently discussed some of her goals for the WWE Women’s Division. On September 12, she won her maiden NXT title by defeating Tiffany Stratton. Now that she has star power, she has started making waves in the WWE Women’s Division by expressing her opinion.

It appears that WWE TV may be missing out on many outstanding wrestlers because WWE only plans specific opponents. Rollins’s wife recently also took aim at Rhea Ripley, saying that the 26-year-old shouldn’t have her championship hopes dashed just because she couldn’t evolve without her crew, “The Judgment Day.”

Becky Lynch explains her plan to uplift WWE women’s division

Becky Lynch plans to bring attention to the Raw women’s division by defending her NXT title. She wants to provide rising talents with a platform to shine and established artists with intense competition. Lynch, who is not afraid of a challenge, will be defending her NXT No Mercy championship against Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match.

Becky Lynch

Lynch recognizes the importance of expanding Raw’s women’s roster to give more great competitors a chance to shine. On the “WWE After the Bell” podcast, her husband Seth Rollins echoed the audience’s desire for new women’s division storylines. The 36-year-old champion believes there are several women who have the potential to rise to higher positions in WWE.

She mentioned specific young talents, including Zoey Stark, Indie Hartwell, Xia Li, and Candice LeRae, as ones to watch. Lynch initiated a storyline with Tegan Nox in an attempt to create an open challenge on Raw, but Natalya intervened. Lynch commended Zoey Stark’s hard work and playfully teased Women’s World champion Rhea Ripley for her limited championship defenses. She believes Xia Li has talent but needs more TV airtime to get back on track.

Beck Lynch blasts Rhea Ripley

The Grand Slam Champion mentioned after her NXT title victory that she might become WWE’s reigning champion sooner than expected with the right TV show script. However, this didn’t materialize due to WWE’s lack of planning. They seemed to believe that Rhea Ripley had captured all the attention of the women’s division, which couldn’t win tough matches without the help of “Judgment Day.” After July, Ripley only defended her championship three times against weaker opponents. In her opinion, any match involving “Mami” would be more intriguing if Zoey Stark or Xia Li had a chance of victory.

Lynch said, “It’s hard to gain momentum if you don’t get no TV time and it’s hard to get TV time if there is nothing to fight for. We know that Rhea Ripley only likes hanging out with the lads [The Judgement Day] and doesn’t like getting hit. So that’s why I came along with my championship trying to give people some opportunities.”

Becky Lynch has taken charge of the WWE women’s division by issuing daring challenges and encouraging other skilled competitors. Do you believe she can address the current issues with strong leadership? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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