Who is Haley Cavinder reportedly dating Cowboy TE Jake Ferguson?

In the realm of Football, Jake Ferguson receives the spotlight for being a rookie tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. Beyond his contribution in the professional football field, he lets out only very little about his personal life, which however has taken a different turn recently.

Lately, while officially unconfirmed, certain rumors have circulated amongst fans and media about his dating life that has piqued the interest of fans in the sports community.

Jake Ferguson reportedly dating Haley Cavinder

The horizon of social media can be a goldmine of information when it comes to celebrities’ dating life. Recently, fans and the media are drawing potential romantic links between Jake Ferguson and Haley Cavinder, a social media figure and a former college basketball player.

The speculations regarding Jake and Haley were raised from Haley’s recent posts and interaction on social media where, prior to the game against Arizona, she proudly revealed to be a Dallas Cowboys supporter by posting photos of herself dressed in Cowboys gear.

The post giving away potential hints and suspense for the fans possibly implied a “soft launch” as commented by her twin, Hanna Cavinder. Ferguson also reportedly commented with a heart-eyes emoji, “Gollleeeee how bout ‘em”.

Ironically, the comments have since been disabled by Hanna. Following this, their TikTok account uploaded a video in which they are referred to as Haley’s “bae” by the Cowboys, implying that they have an exclusive bond. Although “bae” typically refers to a friend, the setting of the video raises the possibility that Haley and Jake may be more than just friends.

The media’s curiosity was piqued when the Cavinder Twins made a conspicuous appearance at the Giants vs Cowboys game. It was a spectacle that left no question, as Haley boldly wore a Cattle rustlers jersey customized with Jake Ferguson’s name.

Haley Cavinder: early life, college basketball, WWE, social media, everything to know about

22 years old Haley Cavinder grew up in Gilbert Arizona, alongside her twin sister, Hanna Cavinder. The Cavinder Twins have exhibited passion for sports and excelled in Basketball during their high school years. She made up an intriguing duo with her twin sister Hanna that attracted attention both on and off the court.

Haley’s basketball career led her to the University of Miami, where she was a member of the Miami Hurricanes Women’s Basketball Team. She was known for her court talents and made an impression by recording many triple-doubles during her college career.

In addition to her basketball career, Haley Cavinder conveyed interest in the realm of professional wrestling alongside her twin. They rose to stardom on social media, particularly TikTok, during the chaotic days of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Standing at just 5-foot-6, the twins caught Miami and the internet by storm with their appealing videos. However, their journeys didn’t stop there. They signed a monumental contract with WWE in December 2021, under the auspices of WWE’s “Next In Line” program.

Overall, Haley Cavinder is portrayed as a versatile personality, who has reach beyond the basketball court.

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