Social media sensations Cavinder Twins Haley, and Hanna appear backstage at WWE NXT leaving college basketball behind

In a surprising turn of events, social media sensations and former college basketball stars Cavinder Twins, Haley and Hanna Cavinder, made a remarkable backstage appearance on WWE NXT.

These dynamic twins, known for their viral posts and basketball prowess, left the court behind to explore the thrilling world of professional wrestling. Let’s dive into their exhilarating NXT cameo and the buzz it created among fans and followers.

Cavinder Twins

Cavinder twins post WWE Performance Center pictures

Haley and Hanna Cavinder, popularly referred to as the Cavinder Twins, set social media abuzz when they shared their visit to the prestigious WWE Performance Center earlier in the day. The duo, who recently became WWE NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) athletes, excitedly hinted at a possible appearance on the Tuesday night edition of NXT.

The anticipation grew, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their presence inside the squared circle. As Tuesday’s NXT episode reached its climax, Thea Hail emerged victorious in a hard-fought women’s number one contender’s battle royal. To celebrate her triumph, a boisterous Chase U contingent stormed the ring.

Amidst the sea of excitement, the Cavinder Twins made their mark by lending their support to Hail. The twins showcased their strength, lifting Hail upon their shoulders, amplifying the jubilant atmosphere and leaving an indelible image etched in the minds of NXT viewers.

Once revered as basketball standouts at the University of Miami, the Cavinder Twins made headlines earlier this year when they decided to embark on a new athletic endeavor.

The twins left college basketball team Miami Hurricanes in April

In a decision that shocked their fans and the basketball community, Haley and Hanna Cavinder bid farewell to the Miami Hurricanes basketball team in April. The twins had the option of continuing their collegiate basketball careers for one more year, but they decided to take a completely other route that would put them in contact with the larger-than-life characters of professional wrestling.

The Cavinder Twins’ cameo appearance on WWE NXT hints at a promising future within the WWE Universe. The attention of wrestling fans across the world has definitely been aroused by their social media stardom and athletic abilities.

As the Twins trade three-pointers for body slams, their journey from college basketball to the realm of professional wrestling promises excitement, surprises, and a fresh injection of energy into the WWE landscape.

The WWE NXT universe was abuzz as, Haley and Hanna, made a memorable backstage appearance, signaling their transition from college basketball stardom to the world of professional wrestling. Their cameo alongside Thea Hail during her triumphant celebration left fans yearning for more from these captivating athletes.

As they embrace this new chapter in their athletic careers, the Cavinder Twins inject an electric energy into the WWE Universe, promising exhilarating moments and potentially becoming the next beloved tag team in sports entertainment.

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