What happened between Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick? exploring infamous ex-NFL QBs feud

The 23-year-long NFL career of Tom Brady can be compared with melodramatic series which contained everything from success, failures, controversies, and scandals to long-standing feuds. And Ryan Fitzpatrick fits into that series well followed by his stressful encounter with the NFL GOAT.

So, let’s explore what is the issue between Brady and Fitzpatrick.

Tom Brady vs Ryan Fitzpatrick feud explained

Rivalries among quarterbacks are nothing new as these skilled soldiers often found themselves having altercations in the middle of the field and such is the story between Tom and Ryan.

Fitzpatrick played in the NFL for 17 seasons as a quarterback. During his tenure, he faced the former Patriots player 14 times but won against him in only three matches.

Moreover, as per many, this is what instigated a harsh relationship between the duo. Winning and losing are integral parts of sports but Brady perhaps couldn’t bear his three defeats against him.

When did the Brady vs Fitzpatrick beef start?

During the seven Super Bowl winner’s free agency in 2020, he was receiving offers from many teams. Moreover, he ended up joining Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

At that time, while having conversations with various teams, one comment of Tom widely surfaced across the sporting world which was his calling an unnamed quarterback a m*th*cker. In his own words, he said, “ You are sticking with that m*th*cker. Are you serious? “

As soon as the comment circulated everywhere in the NFL universe, Ryan opened up by mentioning that it was him the QB referred to.

He added as they defeated Brady’s team thrice on the field, the MVP couldn’t digest the humiliation of failures and unreasonably grew rage over him and his team, Miami Dolphins back then.

As per the latest report, these two former quarterbacks have moved forward from their inner beef and now enjoy a healthy relationship after their retirement.

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