Bianca Andreescu chose Novak Djokovic as her fellow advocate on “Mental Health” project

Young Canadian female tennis player Bianca Andreescu, 22, became a tennis sensation after winning a Grand Slam at a very early age but recently she paused her professional tennis career to cope up with mental health issues.

Bianca, however, came in contact with Tennis Canada which supported her throughout her tormented mental health therapy and at the same time she urged the Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic to act as her mental health advisor.

Reasons behind Bianca’s choice of Novak Djokovic for ‘Mental Health’ endorsements

The Canadian tennis star revealed a lot of aspects for selecting Djokovic as her potential advocate for dealing with mental health issues and she indicated that the Serbian megastar already commented on a number of occasions in favor of this serious thing.

Apart form being a feminist, Bianca Andreescu wants to hear more from the guys on mental health and adds that she would like to chat with Novak Djokovic because she has noted the Serbian frequently discusses the value of having excellent mental health.

Bianca & Djokovic

Bianca also approved the previous efforts of Djokovic by saying, “I know that Novak Djokovic talks a lot about mental health. I have listened to a lot of his interviews. I have spoken to him a little bit but not specifically about mental health. Hopefully I can talk to him more about it. We can bounce ideas off of each other and maybe start something, it will be cool,”

How Tennis Canada supported Bianca on mental health issues?

Canadian professional tennis players’ are blessed to have a significant authority which is called ‘Tennis Canada’ that regularly takes player-friendly initiatives on serious issues on and off the courts.

As a professional player, Bianca also seek assists from this organization with a view to deal positively for her mental health issues. 

Andreescu chosen Tennis Canada because she believed that this organization is very helpful for players like her to develop a safer playing environment throughout their career.


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