Ranking top 10 best tennis players of all time

Time and again, tennis has proved itself to be one of the most pursued and followed sports across the globe. Besides, this sport has delivered some top-notch stars that have ruled the hearts of millions of tennis fans around with their unmatched performance. Still there are only a few of those stars that have gone on to enlist themselves in the history books with some memorable wins and skillset. That said, let’s take a look at the top 10 best tennis players of all time.

#10. Ivan Lendl (Czech Republic)

One of the best tennis players Ivan Lendl
Ivan Lendl of Czechoslovakia reacts during the men’s singles semi final on day twelve of the 1991 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 25, 1991

Ivan Lendl is one of those few tennis stars who have simply ruled an era with their impeccable performance and skills. During the  90s, this tennis star used to be a part of the famous rivalry with other tennis greats like Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. Even with such class and competition around, Lendl actually figured out a way to keep up his supremacy in the Tennis Arena while holding on to the No. 1 Rank for more than 270 weeks.

During the 10 years period  (1981-1991), Lendl secured 11 grand slam victories which surely makes him a part of the elite list of best tennis players of all time.

#9. Andre Agassi (USA)

Most Popular Tennis Player Andre Agassi
Andre Agassi in Paris, France in May, 1990.

The American tennis star was much more than a legendary tennis player and besides his impeccable gameplay, he was famous as the ‘Style Icon’ among the vast majority of the tennis fans in his era. He carried the reputation of being one of the hardest strikers of the tennis ball that also possess extraordinary skills and perfect match awareness alongside

Agassi turned into an overnight start after seeing through some of the best tennis players like Boris Becker and John McEnroe during his 1992 Wimbledon stint. Moreover, his encounter with Goran Ivanisevic in the Grand finale is still been deemed as one of the best tennis matches ever played in history.

#8. Jimmy Connors (USA)

Jimmy Connors tennis player
USA Jimmy Connors in action vs USA Jim Courier during Men’s Semifinals at USTA National Tennis Center

Jimmy Connors is another famous tennis player on our list that still holds the record for most career title wins (109). It was during the year 1974 when Connors caught everyone’s attention while putting his hands on three grand slams within a year. He could’ve also claimed a victory at the French Open if he wouldn’t be prohibited from entering into a contractual agreement with the World team tennis circuit.

Still, he held on to the number one spot as the best tennis player for 160 weeks straight in the year 1974 and made his way into the list of most sought-after tennis stars around.

#7. John McEnroe (USA)

John McEnroe most popular tennis star
USA Davis Cup player John McEnroe attends Davis Cup at The OMNI Coliseum in Atlanta Georgia, July 14,1984

John McEnroe can positively be cited as probably the fewest of tennis stars that have drawn the attention and appreciation of almost every tennis fan around. Well, such was his persona on and off the field that even his rivals used to be all praise for his approach and attitude towards the game.

He still holds the record for most title wins  (155) during his celebrated career and secures the 7th spot in our list of top 10 best tennis players of all time.

#6. Novak Djokovic (Serbia)

Novak Djokovic "Joker"
Novak Djokovic of Serbia during the Men’s Final on day 15 of the 2020 French Open on Court Philippe Chatrier at Roland Garros stadium

Widely known as the  “Joker”, Djokovic is still going all-guns-blazing with his tennis career. As of now, he has secured 81 ATP titles to his name that include 17 grand slams. Moroever, he still stands as the only player to beat Tennis great Federer during every single grand slam within a year.

#5. Bjorn Borg (Sweden)

Bjorn Borg tennis star
Sweden Bjorn Borg in action vs USA John McEnroe during Men’s Final at All England Club. London, England

Bjorn Borg is another great tennis star that went on to dominate the Tennis field during the 70s. Despite the fact that he took retirement from the tennis world at an early age of 26, he already cemented his place in the list of best tennis players ever to step on to the tennis field. Additionally, his rivalry with other tennis greats like John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors was quite famous during the 70s era.

#4. Pete Sampras (USA)

American tennis player Pete Sampras
SEPTEMBER 08: US OPEN 2002, New York

If there’s one player that has made it into the list of all-time tennis greats due to his impeccable power and skills, it has to be Pete Sampras. Well, such was his greatness on the tennis field that he went on to stay on the number one spot for six consecutive years.

Moroever, his rivalry with Andre Agassi was highly famous and they both were part of some high octane clashes on the tennis court during that time.

#3. Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Rafael Nadal the King of Clay
Rafael Nadal of Spain after the match at Roland Garros on October 11, 2020 in Paris, France.

Highly famous with the name ‘ King of Clay’, Rafael Nadal is that one player that has tumbled almost every records with his unmatched skills and performances on the tennis court.  Quite recently, he has equaled the record for most grand slam titles (20) held by Roger Federer.

The only issue Nadal faced during his career was related to his fitness. Had it not been those months and years without playing a single game, he would have easily slammed the record for most grand slam wins months back.

#2. Rod Laver (Australia)

Rod Laver top class tennis player
Rod Laver of Australia holding the trophy after defeating John Newcombe in the Men’s Singles Final 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 at Wimbledon on 5th July 1969.

Rod laver belonged to that era when tennis was transitioning from the Amateur to Open level and this is where he deserves to be listed amongst the all-time greats of this game. Speaking of his big list of records, laver holds the record for winning the most number of titles (200), Most Grand slam sweeps (Twice), and most time spent on the number 1 spot ( 7 years).

#1. Roger Federer (Switzerland)

Roger Federer world's no. 1 tennis star
Roger Federer of Switzerland during the Match in Africa between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at Cape Town Stadium

No matter if you follow tennis or not, you cannot question the greatness of Roger Federer by any means. Besides the 20 grand slams wins under his belt, this tennis great possess some unmatched skills and talent that is surely a ‘thing of ages’.

Even at an age of 39 years, he is still going full throttle with his game that certainly makes him a perfect inspiration for all those young tennis aspirants.


We just took you through to the list of top 10 tennis players of all time. Do let us know about your thoughts and feedback in the comment section down below. Also, keep checking this space for some more amazing sports news and updates.


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