Billionaire Mark Cuban’s bank once stopped him from buying $140,000 champagne bottle after NBA championship win

As an ever-savvy businessman Mark Cuban made a $285 million purchase in 2000. The said purchase was of Dallas Mavericks. Since then, Cuban has been in the news for everything related to the Mavs from showing descent for on-court decision to comments made on a post-match press conference to throwing post-season parties.

In his three decades of owning the Dallas-based franchise, it is quite usual to have a plethora of exploits that made it to the top of page three. One such incident can be the one from 2011.

Mark Cuban’s bank stopped $140K champagne bottle purchase

Mark Cuban, the billionaire and part owner of the Dallas Mavericks, once faced a blow when his credit card got declined at the time of purchasing a $140,000 bottle of champagne after the Mavericks won their first NBA Championship in 2011. To celebrate the win, he wanted to buy an expensive champagne bottle, Armand de Brignac, from a nightclub in Miami but an embarrassing yet amusing incident occurred.

In an interview with Fox Sports, sharing this incident he said, “All of a sudden the lady comes up, ‘Mr. Cuban, your card was declined.’ I’m like what the f**k? And I’m like let me call American Express and I’m drunk as s**t. Let me call American Express and they’re like, ‘How do we know this is Mark Cuban? How do we know this is real? I’m like, ‘Did you watch the game tonight? Let me just tell you just turn on the TV and see what’s going on because we’re in Miami right.’ And so finally they approved it, got my bottle and we were good.”

His new American Express Black Card was declined as the authorization was not done at that time, but he managed to resolve the situation by convincing American Express of his identity through referencing the NBA Finals.

NBA was sued midseason for promoting Mark Cuban’s crypto schemes

When there is money, there is trouble and Mark Cuban certainly has a fair share of both. The crypto fallout from 2022 had some big names involved like Tom Brady for the FTX scandal. Mark Cuban was another name in the list of high-profile needle movers.

He once offended Bill Gates with his seemingly harmless joke, but the current matter of affair is far from a jovial one. The cryptocurrency scam was promoted by the Mavericks franchise which led to the investors suing NBA in the middle of the season. The investors who had put their money in the (then) Voyager crypto exchange filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court which frames the NBA for approving the 65-year-old, Mark Cuban’s deal with Voyager.

The suit reads, “There is no dispute that the NBA was to serve as the ‘gatekeeper’, and required to affirmatively approve any and all NBA promotion and marketing campaigns, especially with cryptocurrency.” Further it states, “Evidence now reveals that the NBA was not only grossly negligent with its review of the proposed Voyager/Mavericks Global Partnership, but the NBA’s decision to affirmatively approve FTX sponsoring the Miami Heat Arena…was one of the most important steps, in the dramatic rise of cryptocurrency across the country, and across the globe.”

As the Crypto collapse domino effect still has significant potency, only the future will tell what is in the fortune of the NBA and Mark Cuban.

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