Max Verstappen’s hilarious interaction with Patrick Mahomes goes viral after Chiefs’ Super Bowl triumph

Reigning World Champion Max Verstappen is again in the spotlights, following his ‘record-breaking’ performance last season. Verstappen, who is well known for his ‘off-the-track’ livestream sessions, has been enjoying his off-season days. He has time and again caught the public eyes for his off-season shenanigans in the past.

But this time he has got the attention from both the F1 and NFL world, due to a certain moment with Kansas City Chief’s Patrick Mahomes.

Max Verstappen and Patrick Mahomes’ amusing interaction goes viral

Following Max Verstappen’s stellar season, the F1 Champ was already in the lime lights in the F1 world. Amidst all these F1 headlines, the Red Bull superstar is making news in the NFL world as well, due to a certain past moment with Kansas City Chief’s Patrick Mahomes.

Following Kansas City Chiefs’ recent triumph in the Super Bowl, a certain clip between the team’s No. 15, Quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and Max Verstappen has resurfaced into the scene. The clip—that is now going viral on X—shows the two superstars having a wholesome moment during the 2023 Miami Grand Prix weekend.

In the clip, Verstappen and Mahomes can be seen gifting each other jerseys of their respective teams. During the ‘jersey’ exchange, Verstappen noticed that the RB jersey would not fit Mahomes properly. Pointing this out, he said, “I don’t think it fits you”.

“I can get it on, it might be a tight fit”, Mahomes jokingly replied.

“It does stretch a bit though, but I think it’s better just to keep it”, Verstappen suggested.

“Coolest thing right here baby!!”, the NFL superstar smiled.

Seeing this hilarious interaction from the video, it is clear that Max Verstappen is close friends with Patrick Mahomes, and with his wife Brittany Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes’ wife once amazed by Max Verstappen’s F1 return

Talking about the Mahomes, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes—one of the world’s most high-profile couples—once were extremely amazed by one ‘special’ Max Verstappen moment at the Miami Grand Prix.

In the Miami GP—where the couple were present—the Red Bull speedster showed his class and proved why he’s the best in the world. The race witnessed a thrilling ‘overtake’ competition between Verstappen and his teammate Sergio Perez. Despite starting at the grid’s 9th place, the Dutchman overtook his partner in the last moment, and won the race.

This thrilling scene left the Mahomes, particularly Brittany, pretty impressed by Max Verstappen, as she took to X to express her shock at what she had witnessed.

After experiencing Verstappen comeback on the F1 track, she tweeted, “‘1st’, with three shocked emojis.

via Sportskeeda F1

The Mahomes seemed to have really enjoyed the Miami GP, as they were seen taking photos and videos of the F1 cars, and even visited the team areas.

Can Max Verstappen win his fourth title in a row and amaze the whole world like he did the Mahomes? Or will he fail to deliver this season? Let us know your predictions in the comments.

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