“Blame the Bucs and Brady”: Antonio Brown to face lawsuit over improper withdrawals from ex-Arena League players’ and coaches’ bank accounts

After seeing a precipitate ending of his NFL journey for his wild behavior on the field Antonio Brown now has intertwined his name in another controversy with his recently owned team the Albany Empire. Though for the first one he bashed Tom Brady and the Bucs so many times, for the latter one he has not found successfully anyone to blame.

Brown purchased the majority stake of the team in April, however,  following his ownership already the team has been kicked out from the NAL for failure of paying the required fee or fine, and now the teams’ players and coaches are striving to get the help of law for reversing their payments. 

Antonio Brown faces lawsuit for unauthorized withdrawal from players, coaches’ bank accounts

Since taking a part in ownership, the former NFL star stated his loyalty and dedication to the team, yet he failed to do any contribution to the team rather than being responsible for losing their membership in the league after six days of their last game.

However, the Empire head coach Moe Leggett revealed that he and his players are preparing for a class-action lawsuit against Antonio. Leggett claimed that the team owner paid them for their last game, though, within some days they discovered the payments were reversed from their bank account after a member of the team shared a screenshot of the bank account reversal on Wednesday.

Antonio Brown's arena football team kicked out of league - masslive.com

“I’m frustrated,” Leggett said to the Times Union. “I tried to give [Antonio Brown] the benefit of the doubt. I tried to work with him. I was trying to be the peacemaker, the mediator to make sure things ran smoothly and just under the radar. But I can no longer do that.”

The 34-year-old has never been able to play any big role for his team, instead jeopardizing the future of the team as the former Empire wide receiver Fabian Guerra felt who also urged that Antonio Brown actually wanted a name for his music brand and used the name of the Albany Empire in that interest.

“I’m thinking since he didn’t pay us, it’s only the right thing to do,” Guerra said. “It’s kind of like bad business by him, but I’m over here in Massachusetts and playing with a new team, so I’m not worried. It sucks it has to come down to that and now there’s going to be a lawsuit, so he just looks bad.”

NFL fan’s reaction to Browns’ latest lawsuit incident

Throughout his NFL career, the former Bucs wide receiver melted the hearts of the fans with his extraordinary athletic coverage, albeit following his unprofessional behavior on the field he began to lose his fan base dramatically.

One fan commented, “AB went from best receiver to worst human being in the blink of an eye”.

For his last incident on the NFL field that kicked him at once from the Bucs and the whole NFL, the former player used to hold Brady and the Buccaneers team for this and recently made another loud voice on Tyreek Hills’ podcast. However, regarding the case of the Albany Empire, he remains totally unreachable with no comment.

Another fan told him to remember the name of Brady to blame him for this incident ” Blame the Bucs and Brady…”

While another fan regarded him as a ” professional robber”.

The chapters on former NFL players’ life see the face of a successful end hardly which the incidents of the Albany Empire has proved greatly. Whats’ your take on his trouble-filled journey in life?


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