Brad Pitt set to race in F1 British Grand Prix alongside Lewis Hamilton for upcoming film

Brad Pitt is preparing to participate in an F1 race at British Grand Prix as part of his forthcoming movie. He will race against British driver Lewis Hamilton during the summer season. The Hollywood celebrity is all set to take on this exciting challenge.

As reported by The Sun, the actor is set to lead the initial parade lap at the British Grand Prix. A source quoted in the publication stated that witnessing Brad Pitt leading the pack at Silverstone in July would be an extraordinary and dreamlike experience for both TV viewers and fans.

The plot of the movie revolves around Brad’s character, a former driver who is returning from retirement to coach a young driver. Further information regarding the project, such as the film’s title, is currently being kept confidential.

Pitt & Hamilton to Compete in F1 Race for Upcoming Film

Expressing his excitement for the project, Lewis, who is closely involved in the production through his company Dawn Apollo Films, stated, “It’s an exciting venture, and spending quality time with Brad is truly remarkable.”

British Grand Prix

The film executives have planned to ensure the story’s authenticity, and they have scheduled a theatrical release in 2024. Lewis, who has previously worked on films like “Cars 2,” “Cars 3,” and “Zoolander 2,” has experience in the movie-making industry. Additionally, he is currently negotiating with Apple for a documentary that will cover his personal and professional life.

Brad Pitt has been actively involved in various projects, including shooting his upcoming thriller “Wolves” with George Clooney. Fans of both actors were thrilled to see the duo reunited on the screen while they were recently spotted working together in New York City’s Chinatown for their upcoming Apple TV project.

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