Max Verstappen’s mother shares insights into raising champion F1 driver: “A racer has to be a bit selfish to want to win”

Max Verstappen’s success as a driver is credited to the involvement of his mother, who has explained her contribution to his achievements as a two-time Formula 1 World Champion.

Max Verstappen

In 2015, at the age of 17, Verstappen made history as the youngest driver to participate in a grand prix. He then advanced to Red Bull just four races into the following season, thanks to his impressive performances for Toro Rosso.

Verstappen’s remarkable career highlights include winning on his debut for the team at Barcelona in 2016. This was followed by his first World Championship victory in 2021 and a second title in 2022. Notably, he broke the record for the highest number of wins in a single season by a driver, achieving 15 victories.

Having won 27 out of the past 47 races since the start of the 2021 season. Verstappen is considered the clear front-runner for securing his third consecutive Championship title in 2023. Currently, he maintains a lead of 15 points over his Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez in the Drivers’ standings.

Although Verstappen’s father, Jos, who competed in 106 F1 races from 1994 to 2003, is frequently acknowledged for shaping the 25-year-old into the formidable driver he is today. Verstappen’s mother, Sophie Kumpen, was also a skilled kart driver.

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During her appearance in the recent Viaplay documentary about Verstappen’s life, Sophie Kumpen, the Belgian driver and Verstappen’s mother, discussed her impact on her son’s accomplishments and his uncompromising attitude on the track.

In the documentary, Kumpen elucidated: “A racer has to be a bit selfish to want to win. “Outside of karting I was a real girl. “But when you made me angry while racing I could be very aggressive. “His father had this too. “If you take all the good [of] Jos combined with all my good qualities, then you come to what makes Max so special.”

Verstappen has displayed a willingness to confront situations, both on and off the track, during his relatively brief F1 career thus far.

Max Verstappen’s Unique and Ruthless Mentality: The Key to His Success in Formula 1

During his initial years in F1, Verstappen’s tendency to move under braking upset several seasoned drivers. This ultimately led to a temporary modification in the regulations. Later, in the 2021 season, Verstappen faced allegations of executing a series of questionable maneuvers. This included races in Brazil and Saudi Arabia, as his intense competition with seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton escalated.

Fernando Alonso
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In 2018, Verstappen was deprived of victory in Brazil following a collision with Esteban Ocon, who was a lap down at the time. Television cameras captured Verstappen pushing and shoving the Frenchman in the post-race weighing area.

Tom Clarkson, the FIA press conference host, mentioned on a recent episode of the F1 Nation podcast that he has never encountered a driver who is as eager for triumph as Verstappen.

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According to Tom Clarkson on the F1 Nation podcast, Verstappen possesses a distinctive mindset. While Hamilton and Leclerc are undoubtedly highly competitive, Verstappen’s unyielding disposition distinguishes him from his peers. In Clarkson’s words, Verstappen is “a serial winner” who exhibits a level of ruthlessness that sets him apart.

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