“Break up with Mary Jane” Over 20,000 Argentine fans signed a petition to have Julian Alvarez’s girlfriend dumped

A petition claiming that Julian Alvarez dumped his girlfriend Emilia Ferrero has recently gone viral. It is so unusual to see such actions after the Argentine forward’s debut World Cup campaign in which his team was crowned champions.

The childhood sweetheart of ‘La Arana’ is a root of jealousy for fans all over the world, as they, too, crave a part of the Spider, which seems unlikely.

alvarez girlfriend
Julian Alvarez enjoying time with girlfriend Emilia Ferrero. Image credit: twitter

The young sensation is currently a member of the Manchester City team, but it appears that he remains in the hearts of women around the world, who want him to abandon his charming comfort and relax on their laps.

It occurred after a video of a group of children requesting Alvarez’s signature went viral. Darling Emilia, a hockey player with 177,000 Instagram followers, appeared to only allow fans to take a group photo.

Some became enraged over the incident and do not want to see the couple together as a result. This prompted an online petition titled “Julian, break up with Mary Jane” from some individuals.

On the eve of the new year, however, the spider posted a picture of himself with his soul mate, and they looked stunning together. Julian was ecstatic and captioned the post with “Te Amo,” which translates to “I Love You.” No way Julian is going to ruin the happiest moment of his life because of a ridiculous petition.

As part of their victory celebration, Manchester City granted their World Cup champion an extended vacation, causing him to miss the match against Leeds United. Alvarez returned to action after Pep Guardiola introduced him as a substitute against Everton.

Before the match, he displayed his World Cup medal to the Etihad crowd, who greeted their star player with a thunderous ovation.


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