Broncos’ HC Sean Payton threatens to use Eagles’ effective “Tush Push” tactic on QB until NFL bans it

Denver Broncos’ new head coach, Sean Payton, has expressed his intention to incorporate the infamous “Tush Push” tactic in his game plan for the upcoming NFL season.

Traditionally, the quarterback sneak has been a quick and simple play that required nothing more than the skill of the signal caller and his offensive line. However, in recent years, the game has evolved, and the Tush Push has become a popular play that involves the quarterback being pushed forward by his running back and others.

During a postseason coverage on Fox TV, Payton told Dean Blandino, a former NFL referee and current Fox Sports analyst, that he would implement the Tush Push play every time his team executed a quarterback sneak if it was legal next season.

Payton’s comments might have been a sarcastic take because he and Blandino both agree that this play does not require any real skill. Nevertheless, the Broncos’ new coach is known for his innovative offensive plays, and his willingness to experiment with different tactics could help his team elevate their game in 2023.

The Tush Push play involves players pushing the quarterback forward in a manner that looks like a rugby scrum. Blandino believes that the NFL should be showcasing the athleticism and skill of its athletes and that the Tush Push is not a skillful play. This play has become increasingly popular in the league, with several teams using it in the recently completed season.

However, Payton’s threat to use it frequently has put the play under scrutiny and has led the NFL rules committee to take a closer look at it in the coming weeks during league meetings.

The Denver Broncos had a lackluster performance on the offensive side of the ball in the 2022 season. Still, the addition of Sean Payton as head coach could change that. Payton’s success with the New Orleans Saints, where he led them to a Super Bowl victory in 2010, is a testament to his ability to put a productive offense on the field.

As the Broncos prepare for the 2023 season, Payton’s willingness to experiment with different plays and tactics, including the Tush Push, could give them a much-needed boo.



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