Buccaneers HC Todd Bowles embraces post-Tom Brady era declaring despite losing Tom Terrific’s “aura” the goal hasn’t changed

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to start the next season without Tom Brady, and their coach Todd Bowles is still hopeful for a great outcome despite missing the GOAT that they used to play with.

After Tom’s retirement was announced on February 1, the Buccaneers felt the urge to change for the next season, and they planned and executed moves considering the ‘post-Tom Brady’ era. They signed former Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and started grooming Kyle Trask to compete for the starting job.

However, Todd recognized the change they had made and acknowledged it while discussing their future without the seven-time Super Bowl winner.

What did Todd Bowles say?

In the Annual League Meeting, the 59-year-old expressed his feelings on the 15-time pro bowler’s retirement and said, “When you replace a player of that magnitude, first of all, you don’t replace him. You lose your aura. You lose the expectation of being great. That doesn’t mean you can’t be great. You just have to do it more as a team.”

tom brady todd bowles
Bucs HC Todd Bowles reacts to Tom Brady’s retirement. (credit: Bucswire)

“We did it as a team when he was there, but he was such a great player and a great person that you focused all on that. And now that that is gone, the perception is that everything else is gone when really it isn’t,” the 2020 Super Bowl winner coach continued.

“The goal hasn’t changed. Success is obviously winning the division first, doing damage in the playoffs, and trying to win a Super Bowl,” Bowles concluded.

Despite Brady‘s subpar performance in the last season, the Bucs are pretty hungover after their second Super Bowl championship. Prior to his arrival, the Bucs only appeared twice in the postseason between the 17 years of two Super Bowls.

tom brady todd bowles

And with the three-time Most Valuable Player, they played three back-to-back postseason games and resurfaced as a title contender. It’s pretty natural to feel hopeless after being used to being in the top spot for being considered the champion.

However, the Bucs are not giving up yet; they are rebuilding a strong team for the next season under the leadership of Todd Bowles. Can they qualify for the postsecondary scholarship again? What do you think?

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