Charles Barkley boldly predicts Stephen Curry’s decline after Warriors In-Season Tournament exit vs Kings

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors superstar, is one of the best players in the NBA currently and is breaking records day in and day out. “Chef” Curry loves to cook defenders with his nasty handles and always finds a creative way to score. Curry is the greatest three-point shooter in the history of the NBA and rarely misses a shot.

He has helped the Golden State Warriors win 4 championships and is still thirsty for more victories. However, winning a championship even with a stacked squad would be difficult for the Warriors as the players in the team are getting older and are becoming more injury prone. TNT analyst and former NBA player Charles Barkley has boldly predicted Curry’s decline.

Barkley drops bold Steph Curry prediction

Opening night of the current season saw Charles Barkley go on the attack against the Golden State Warriors, calling them ‘old’ and ‘cooked’. A month has passed since then but his views on the team are still the same.

He was on TNT during the Warriors match against the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday.

“As I told y’all, this team is cooked. Y’all thought I was crazy,” Barkley said.

“They got away last year because Steph [Curry] went crazy in Game 7. Sacramento should have beat them. Steph, he’s gonna start slowing down soon. They’ve got an old team, everybody slows down,” he added.

“He’s not gonna be able to continue to do that because those other guys aren’t the same, either. They’re older. This team is cooked. They’re not a contender.”

Kenny Smith, Barkley’s co-host, appeared to be divided on the matter and defended Curry. “Steph Curry is not playing anywhere that looks like he’s slowing down. At all, like, not even close to it,” Smith said.

Curry has scored 29.7 points, pulled down 4.6 rebounds, given 3.9 assists, committed 0.8 steals, and made 5.3 3-pointers on 48.4% of his shots through 15 games this season. In the league, his 29.7 points per game ranks sixth.

Draymond Green hit back at Barkley earlier this season about his Warriors comments. “I don’t mind that, I mean, I think ‘old’ sounds a little harsh. I think ‘old’ sounds as if we look like Chuck when he was out there with the Houston Rockets. That’s what ‘old’ looks like to me,” Green told The Steam Room podcast.

Warriors blow a 24-point lead

In the In-Season Tournament on Tuesday, the unrelenting Sacramento Kings surprised Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. Despite leading by 24 points, the Warriors were defeated 124-123 by Sacramento to eliminate the Dubs from the premier competition.

Via Golden State Of Mind

With 7.6 seconds left, Malik Monk made a crazy shot that won the game, and Sacramento emerged victorious after Curry’s buzzer-beater bounced off the rim. Before Monk put the finishing touches on the game, the Kings mounted a comeback, ending the Warriors’ dominant first half.

The Kings needed to defeat the Warriors or lose by 11 points or less in order to move on in the tournament. They achieved that by winning the last West Group C match.

What are your thoughts on the Warriors blowing off a 24-point lead against the Sacramento Kings? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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