Charles Leclerc supports team’s decision despite Ferrari’s strategy costing him podium finish at Singapore GP

Charles’ Leclerc was earlier among the front runners in the Singapore GP after a superb performance by the two Ferraris throughout qualifying. However, during the race he couldn’t make it to the podium, let alone win.

Carlos Sainz won the race ultimately even though the two ‘prancing horses’ were completely dominating the earlier stage of the Singapore Grand Prix. But, Charles on the other hand suffered a small error through Ferrari strategy. This costed him dearly in the race as the two Ferraris were not where they were supposed to be.

Charles Leclerc backs Ferrari’s decision

Even after, what was indeed a difficult race for him, Charles Leclerc ultimately supported his team’s decision without much complaint. He completely took the responsibility for the results of the race and said that it was up to him to work better. Charles applauded Carlos’ for his win and he further explained that the team deserved this team after the efforts they had put in throughout the weekend.

Charles Leclerc was in constant contact with the team over the radio and they had messages of a 3s and 5s gap, which, according to him, the team managed very well.

Charles although, couldn’t hide his disappointment from the press, because, he wanted more from the race and believed that he could do better. He was confident in the car’s pace and never once doubted the strategy calls from the team.

This was a very honest and subtle way of owning up to his mistakes throughout the race and the appreciating the work Ferrari had done over the weekend. A class act by Charles which makes him a true sportsman.

Charles Leclerc fails to secure podium finish at Singapore GP

Ferrari had secured a 1,3 in the qualifying session of the Singapore GP. The race started of really strong for both ‘Scarlet’ cars. However, with the constant pressure from the two Mercedes and McLaren of Lando Norris, Charles ultimately lost position and failed to secure a double podium finish for Ferrari.

This was a huge blow to the optimistic hopes of ‘Tifosi’ who had been waiting for Ferrari’s success for an entire season. But, in the end Carlos Sainz managed to win the race which helped keep hopes high for the upcoming Grand Prix.

Charles was dejected by the result but he wasn’t disheartened or blaming anyone. Charles Leclerc is one of the few racers of the current grid who does not complain a lot but decides to focus on his own performance in order to take the team to a better position and this makes him a valuable asset to the team as a driver.

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