When is Rafael Nadal Returning to Tennis? Feliciano Lopez picks EL Nino over Carlos Alcarez in his ideal team for Davis Cup Singles team.

Feliciano Lopez, the director of the 2023 Davis Cup Finals, has chosen Rafael Nadal over world No. 2 Carlos Alcarez in his ideal Spanish team for the tournament’s singles team.

Rafael Nadal still recovering from his left hip flexor injury which he sustained in the second round of 2023 Australian Open, he was supposed to make a remarkable comeback for Spain in the 2023 Davis Cup Finals buts it’s not going to happen. The Spanish team failed to advance to the knockout stage, which makes the comeback dream quashed.

Carlos Alcarez was named part of the Spanish squad with this expectation that he would lead the country as the highest ranked player in team. However, he pulled out after suffering a major defeat to third seed Daniil Medvedev, declaring “It’s time to recharge my batteries.”

Rafael Nadal

“From what I have seen, yes, of course. Alcaraz I imagine that he is going to win many games in this competition, but so far I have only seen one of him. From what I have experienced, I would put Nadal and Ferrer in the individual, that is clear to me.” Feliciano Lopez said in an interview with Punto De Break .

He selected his ideal Davis Cup single team for the Spanish Squad, choosing Rafael Nadal over Carlos Alcarez as the first participant and David Ferrer as his second participant. Lopez also chose Fernando Verdasco and Marc Lopez in the double section, while stating that the Mallorcan and Lopez would make a good partnership.

“In the doubles there would be more options, because I played well with Fernando (Verdasco) for a time, I could also play with Marc (López), Marc and Rafa would also be a brutal couple,” Feliciano Lopez added.

When is Rafael Nadal returning to Tennis?

As aforementioned, Rafael Nadal was suppose to make a comeback in the 2023 Davis Cup finals for Spain but that don’t seem to be happening.

The twenty-two time Grand Slam winner has not featured in any major tournament since he sustained an injury in the Australian Open, which he crashed out in the second round. Rafael Nadal has not said anything about returning to the court, but When Fernando Lopez was asked about Nadal he said, “It was only a few weeks after the surgery and he was looking great, working perfectly feeling healthy and everything is going great so far.”

By the end of the year, i think he’s going to be fully recovered. (But) maybe Australia is too early.”

Which begs the question when is Rafael Nadal returning?

In the past thirteen years, Rafael Nadal has suffered Knee Injury, Tendonitis/patella tendon injury, wrist Injury, Back Injury, abdominal tear and Hip Injury. In 2013, after Rafael Nadal was sidelined for almost throughout 2012, he pulled out the one of the greatest comeback in Tennis by winning finishing 2013 undefeated. that was ten years ago, he has never produced that shocker again, turning the clock down today he is thirty-four, with great experience both in and outside the court but how long would he remain sidelined.

Rafael Nadal’s career has come with a lot of battles especially injuries. Perhaps, his body is telling on him because of his age. El Nino, last won a Grand Slam at the French Open and Australian Open in 2022, after not winning any Grand Slam in 2021 and struggling with injuries. Hopefully, the king of clay can turn a misfortune to victory which would live long in the memory of fans. Though It hasn’t been an easy thirteen years for the Tennis legend yet Tennis lovers would love to know how soon they would see him in the court.


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