Chiefs heiress Gracie Hunt reveals relationship status “looking for that number one draft pick” ahead of clash vs Eagles in Super Bowl LVII

The Chiefs will take on the Eagles on Sunday as fans await Super Bowl LVII. The Kansas City Chiefs, over the years, have been a great team and won a Super Bowl just a  couple of years ago. Their huge success became possible as CEO Clark Hunt and his family invested their time and money in the team. Clark’s daughter, Gracie Hunt also part of the family business and currently works in the marketing and brand development of the Chiefs.

Anyone would consider themselves lucky to be part of a prestigious and wealthy family like the Hunt. If you are looking forward to joining the Hunt family, this might be your lucky day, as Gracie Hunt is looking for a partner. 

However, there are certain requirements for the Chief’s heiress that you must possess before you can become the man of the beautiful Gracie.

How is the ideal man for Gracie Hunt?

Earlier this week, in an interview, the Chief’s heiress revealed that she is single while sarcastically saying she is “definitely looking for that number one draft pick.” On the other hand, mentioning the ideal man, she went on to express the requirements that will allow a person to get into her life and the Hunt family. 

While talking about her requirements, the 23-year-old said, “My top three things: Does he align with me on a faith basis? Is he athletic? What does his work ethic look like? And if you’re funny with a great personality, that’s hard to beat.”

Moreover, her single status became viral in hours, so while she and her parents were speaking with Fox News, the co-host shared her quotes, leaving the family giggling. 

Later Graice shared the clip on her Instagram account, captioning the post, “It’s the *most real* Red Friday!!❤️‍🔥”


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Do you have what it takes to be Graice Hunt’s companion? If you do, will you try your luck on the Chief’s heiress? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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