EX-Dolphins CB Vontae Davis ‘doing well’ claims brother as pictures emerges of him sleeping on highway following horrific car crash

Former NFL professional Vontae Davis has again made headlines by producing another bizarre scene after retiring from the profession in the middle of a game back in 2018.

This time the cornerback crashed his vehicle with a parked car and was charged with DUI, but the story doesn’t end here. Vontae was asleep during the crash and even slept in the police car as he was being taken away. In his sleep, he severely injured one person in another vehicle.

The player’s brother, on the other hand, had another perspective on his current condition.

What did Vontae Davis’ brother say?

The San Francisco 49ers star tight end, Vernon Davis, has revealed his statement regarding his younger brother’s car accident. “He’s just taking care of everything behind the scenes,” Vernon said. “I told him I’m just gonna keep him in my prayers and continue to wish him the best and hope he can continue to do the right thing.”

It appears the 34-year-old had gone through a difficult situation after his hit and started to come around. Previously, he confessed to consuming two mixed drinks at a club, but he struggles to remember everything after that.

vontae davis vernon davis
Vernon Davis of the San Francisco 49ers, left, stands with his brother Vontae Davis (23) of the Indianapolis Colts. (credit: fox news)

The patrol police found him sleeping on the curb just beside the crash site. The officers were unable to retrieve any details at that point as the two-time pro bowler was mumbling and his speech was slurred. In any case, he pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of first-offense DUI.

The younger Davis has always produced troublesome incidents, as his retirement gained notoriety for leaving his teammate on the field during a game. Even the coach wasn’t sure what was happening to the CB at that point.

However, Vernon had a pretty decent career in the NFL, winning the Super Bowl in 2015 with the Denver Broncos and being named to two Pro Bowls in 2009 and 2013.

What is your opinion of Vontae Davis’ condition? Should he face punishment for his reckless DUI? Share your opinion in the comment section.


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