Conor McGregor must lose massive 40lb weight to return at lightweight vs Michael Chandler for UFC comeback

Conor McGregor is currently scheduled to finally return to the UFC after taking a long recovery period following a leg injury suffered  during the fight against Dustin ‘The Diamond’ Poirier. Many were expecting the former lightweight to move up to welterweight this time around but the UFC president seems to tease otherwise.

Earlier Dana White talked about potential venues for the high-voltage and high stake Conor vs Chandler match. He also discussed the fight further saying,

“What we do with that is, like when everyone was talking about when Conor comes back who’s he going to fight, you got to look at the landscape, who’s already got fights, who doesn’t. The Chandler fight is a fight people love. That fight is going to be absolutely violence.”

“Conor and I have a great relationship, we’re on great terms. Listen, Conor would be perfect if he would just show up to places on time. Conor shows up when he wants to show up but other than that the kid’s awesome. Smart guy, he knows business and he’s fun to deal with and his fights are incredible,” he continued.

Why is there so much curiosity regarding what Conor McGregor weighs?

‘Mystic Mac’ has certainly come far from his younger days when he became champ even under 155 lbs. But with age one of the things that usually gets hard is weight cutting. Many of his fans have thought his recent poor performances are coming as a result of cutting so much weight to still fight at 155 lbs.

When his rival Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov used to cut a lot of weight to become eligible for fights, many used to call him a weight bully. But if cutting massive weight made you better by default then the likes of Dan Hooker probably should’ve been a champion in both 155 and 145 lbs.

Which weight class do you think McGregor should return to?


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