Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes plans exclusive handshake with Travis Kelce to rival Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes

In the heart of the NFL action, a fascinating narrative is unfolding on the Chiefs team, capturing the attention of football fans and pop culture enthusiasts alike. The NFL world is not only experiencing the new relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift but also a new friendship between Taylor and Brittany Mahomes. 

However, the two gal pals already have rivals in the NFL. The Chiefs QB, Patrick Mahomes, and TE Travis Kelce are teaming up against them.

Chiefs’ Mahomes vows to outshine wife and Swift

During a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers, Taylor Swift, who is dating Travis Kelce and Brittany Mahomes, wife of Patrick Mahomes, were seen celebrating with a unique handshake that went viral.

After the team scored a touchdown, the two gal pals did a unique celebratory handshake that involved fists and hip bumps. After their handshake went viral, Patrick Mahomes decided to create an exclusive handshake with Travis Kelce to rival the one between his wife and Taylor Swift.

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The quarterback recently talked about this handshake on Kansas City’s KCSP 610 AM, stating that he will soon come up with a new handshake idea with Kelce. 

“I need to talk to Travis because me and Travis don’t even have a handshake yet,” Mahomes said. “So I mean, they’re ahead of the game on us. So we’re gonna have to get on the whiteboard, and we’re gonna figure out a handshake so that we can try to one-up theirs.”

The host, Carrington Harrison, replied that he is hoping they will have a handshake ready before their next game, to which the QB replied, “Yeah, we’re gonna work on it. We’ll get it ready for you.”

Mahomes and Kelce aim to outdo their partners’ celebratory handshake by creating their own and NFL fans couldn’t ask for more. It will be fun watching what sort of handshake the two legendary players will come up with and whether they will be able to outdo their partners or not.

Kansas City Chiefs are undefeated with Taylor Swift in attendance

The Kansas City Chiefs have remained undefeated in the five games that Taylor Swift attended to support her love interest, Travis Kelce. 

Travis Kelce’s performance in games attended by Taylor Swift has been exceptional, receiving more passes from Patrick Mahomes and playing at a high level.

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Micah Parson also stated that the presence of Taylor Swift’s presence in the game gives Travis Kelce an ‘extra boost of confidence’ to play incredibly.

The Taylor Swift effect has also generated increased interest in the performance of Travis Kelce, with more broadcasters interested in the tight end.

The Chiefs have been unbeatable this season so far. Both Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes have contributed a lot to the Chiefs success and now they are united as a formidable duo, setting their sights on an unexpected rivalry against the Swift-Mahomes friendship.

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