Chiefs Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce fail to draw viewers, “The Match” suffers sharp drop in ratings

The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs have been an achiever for long on the field, led by star quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce. However, latest events have showered light on an unexpected development—the duo’s inability to engage viewers outside of the football realm. This disclosure was evident during the highly awaited celebrity golf event known as ‘The Match’.

With a sharp fall in ratings, it seems that Mahomes and Kelce’s charisma and sporting talent alone may not be enough to draw in audiences from diverse backgrounds. In this article, we delve into the factors behind this decline and examine the suggestions for the Chiefs’ dynamic duo.

The Match sees steep decline in popularity

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have long been loved for their on-field chemistry and jaw-dropping performances. Their combination of skill, athleticism, and charisma has endeared them to football fans all over the world.

However, when it came to attracting viewership for “The Match,” a golf event that aimed to showcase their star power beyond the football field, the results were far from what was initially expected. The drop in ratings raises concerns about their ability to transcend the confines of their sport and engage a broader audience.

One possible explanation for the decreasing viewership is the significant differences between football and golf as sports. Golf relies on a slower pace and a more serene atmosphere. The stark contrast in these two sports’ dynamics could have contributed to the struggle of Mahomes and Kelce in maintaining the same level of viewer engagement they enjoy on the football field.

Another reason for a fall in viewership can be attributed to the target audience. Football attracts a diverse demographic, including die-hardcore fans, casual viewers, and families who gather to watch games together. However, golf traditionally is associated with an older and more niche audience, consisting of avid golf enthusiasts.

The attempt to bridge the gap between these different fan bases during “The Match” may not have resonated as strongly as anticipated, resulting in a fall in viewership.

It remains to be seen whether this recent setback will dampen their aspirations for expanding their brand beyond football, but it serves as a reminder that popularity within one sport does not ensure the same level of success across different platforms.

Who won between Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce in “The Match”?

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs showcased their dominance in the eighth edition of The Match, securing a commanding victory over NBA stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Despite the change in setting from the football field to the golf course at The Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas, Mahomes and Kelce displayed their prowess, winning with a score of 3 & 2.

From the beginning, the Chiefs duo established their superiority, quickly taking the lead over their opponents. Impressive birdies on holes 2-3 solidified their advantage while Curry and Thompson encountered difficulties.

Mahomes and Kelce maintained their momentum, extending their lead to 4 UP through six holes. The Splash Brothers struggled to keep pace, finding it challenging to match the performance of their Kansas City counterparts. Mahomes and Kelce remained in control, preserving a 4-UP lead as they approached the eighth hole, edging closer to victory.

On the eighth hole, Kelce came close to winning the match with a remarkable tee shot that landed within 10 feet of the pin. However, his putt narrowly missed, and Mahomes was unable to sink his attempt, prolonging the competition. The struggles continued for the Chiefs duo on the ninth hole as they misread their putts, conceding a win to Curry and Thompson.

Although it gave their opponents their only victory of the day, it only served to extend the match without jeopardizing Mahomes and Kelce’s dominant performance.

This dominant display on the golf course further strengthened Mahomes and Kelce’s reputation as versatile athletes, capable of excelling beyond the football field. Their remarkable teamwork and competitive spirit left a lasting impression, captivating fans and reinforcing their status as key figures in the success of the Kansas City Chiefs.


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