Drew McIntyre’s WWE hiatus ends with shocking return at MITB to demolish Gunther

Money in the Bank 2023 is still buzzing among the WWE Universe. The show featured some of the most unexpected moments including the return of John Cena. Even in the Bloodline Civil War Match, Roman Reigns got pinned at the hands of Jey Uso.

Not only this but the former WWE Champion Drew Mcintyre is also back on the show. Mcintyre got a huge pop from the UK crowd as a country homeboy. The Scottish warrior had confronted Gunther after he retained his Intercontinental Championship against Riddle on that show. Drew not only confronted him but also sent him to Claymore Country.

Why was Drew McIntyre absent from WWE?

Drew Mcintyre had made his appearance after a long time in the company. Last time, the Scottish Warrior wrestled at WrestleMania 39 where he got pinned at the hands of Gunther. The Ring General not only defeated Mcintyre but also Sheamus to retain his Championship.

Since then, Mcintyre was absent from WWE television. The WWE Universe was highly anticipating his return which he finally made at MITB 2023.

Drew Mcintyre

The rumored reason behind Mcintyre’s absence from WWE is his contract with the company. The return at Money in the Bank 2023 seems to confirm that Mcintyre had finally resigned from a new deal with the company. It was believed earlier that Mcintyre is not happy with the company and has not inked a new deal yet. But the return of Mcintyre at MITB seems to be a perfect rewarding gift for his fans.

Drew McIntyre and Gunther rivalry?

The return of Drew Mcintyre had made a lot of sense as he confronted the Ring General Gunther. Last time, Gunther had pinned Mcintyre to retain his Championship in a triple-threat Match at Mania 39. So this seems to be a perfect revenge opportunity for the Scottish Warrior.

By defeating Gunther in a title match he will not only get his revenge from him but also has the opportunity to become the Intercontinental Champion.

Drew Mcintyre

A feud between Drew Mcintyre & Gunther is something fans have been witnessing for a long time. Both are hard-hitting superstars in-ring competitions. After his return. Mcintyre also delivered a Claymore kick to the Ring General which seems to confirm their upcoming feud for the Championship.

Gunther has been holding the IC Title for more than one year. He defeated superstars Like Sheamus during his title reign. But this time Mcintyre seems to be a real threat to his title


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