Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes responds hilariously to question of pursuing Tom Brady legacy

Patrick Mahomes is the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes, over the years, has played outstanding football, and because of his brilliance on the field, the Chiefs won a Super Bowl in 2020. Even this season, the quarterback has played with a lot of authority and took his team over the line o multiple occasions, allowing the Chiefs to reach their third Super Bowl in four years. 

However, comparing Patrick to a legend like Tom Brady would be considered insane. TB12 is the ultimate GOAT of the NFL, and there are several reasons. Yet people keep asking young quarterbacks like Mahomes, who is in his twenties, whether he is chasing Brady’s legacy. This a hilarious question that requires an even more hilarious answer, which is exactly what Patrick did!

On Thursday, reporters asked the star quarterback of the Chiefs the question, and Patrick Mahomes gave them such a counterpunch that they will have to come back to him after eleven years.

What did Patrick Mahomes answer to the reporters?

Patrick’s answer fluctuated on social media platforms like Twitter. Albert Breer, a recognized reporter, has also shared Mahomes’ response in a tweet. He wrote, “Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes asking about chasing Tom Brady: “I’m trying to catch Tom. But Tom’s a long way away, you can ask me when I’m like 38 years old.”

Any quarterback from the NFL would want to chase TB12, as he is the undisputed GOAT of the game. Not only did he feature in ten Super Bowls, but he also won seven out of them. What is more interesting is that Brady won six of those Super Bowls playing for the New England Patriots in his twenties.

So, if Patrick wants to chase him now, he has to win this Super Bowl and win four more in three years since he is 27 years old. This is an impossible task, which is why the question itself is hilarious. Therefore, Mahomes asked the reporter to return when he is thirty-eight. 

Can Mahomes come near the NFL GOAT when he is thirty-eight? Time will tell. However, Patrick Mahomes will certainly give it his all to achieve greatness!


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