“She’s going to crush it at halftime” Patrick Mahomes responds to Former NFL WB Brandon Marshall prank of Rihanna calling him best QB ahead of Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII is just days away, as it will next place next Sunday. Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and he proved it by taking the Chiefs to the Super Bowl. However, whether he can prove himself the “greatest” is miles away. 

To become the “greatest”, he must at least surpass Tom Brady and, if not all, break most of TB12’s records. On Wednesday, former WB Brandon Mashall fake quoted Rihanna to get one of the “greatest” reactions out of Patrick Mahomes. 

What did Brandon Marshall say to Patrick Mahomes? 

While in the press conference on Wednesday, Mahomes met a prankster in Marshall, who did not think twice before telling and asking Mahomes, “Rihanna came out and said, you are the greatest quarterback ever. Hearing that, how does it make you feel?”

Replying to Brandon, Patrick said, “It makes me feel great, she’s going to crush it at halftime. I have family members that I think are more excited about the halftime show than they are about the game, and so, whatever Rihanna says is like the gospel, so, I’m glad she went with me for that honor.”

Mahomes could not stop smiling, getting to know that out of all the people on earth, Rihanna made such a statement about him. However, the smile did not last for long as just moments later Marshall revealed that “she didn’t”, and he was only messing around with the star quarterback. 

Patrick was left in disbelief yet laughed and said, “you got me up there smiling and smoking!” However, Marshall did have a serious question for Mahomes as he asked him what the quarterback was chasing.

Answering the “serious” question, the Chiefs quarterback said he is not chasing any player or anything. On the other hand, he wants to make it his best in the NFL and have “no regrets” when he steps off the “football field. Patrick also acknowledges that he is lucky to be in the NFL, where he can play with the hall of farmers, so he desires to give it his all.

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