Super Bowl LVII: WWE’s crazy 1999 commercial goes viral amid NFL fever

Most NFL fans across the globe can barely wait as Super Bowl LVII is just around the corner. Those who don’t watch or like the sport also might tune in just to catch the exclusive concert and commercials. Some are expecting WWE to put up a legendary commercial for Wrestlemania 39 just like they did back in 1999.

WWE went all in to promote Wrestlemania 15 during the attitude era Super Bowl commercial back in 1999. Back then it was the golden era for ads inside the mega event and many companies would allocate huge budgets and hire mega stars to advertise their products. The biggest Wrestling promotion on the planet decided to get a bit creative with its own assets.

Who was featured in the 1999 WWE Commercial?

WrestleMania 15 was getting more and more to its deadline and the Monday Night Wars was going with complete force. WWE decided to hold back no punches so that they may push their own brand ahead of WCW in the eyes of the audience. Wrestling was one of the trendiest things back then and mainstream attention could bring in millions.

All the big stars who were signed with WWE came out to promote this event which included but wasn’t limited to ‘Stone-Cold’ Steve Austin, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, The ‘Deadman’ Undertaker, ‘The Big Red’ Kane, ‘Mankind’ Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar’s current wife Sable, and the WWE president Vince Mcmahon himself to end it all.

The main draw of the ad was the wrestlers trying to promote their company as family-friendly, PG clean, and Wholesome just as everyone around them went bonkers. Seeing some of the wrestlers try to act normal was amusing enough but their still failing to get out of their character was one of the main draws.

Stone Cold started off by hitting a poor WWE employee using a chair just like in the matches, Mankind managed to pull a well-timed pun just as one of the stuntmen fell from the building, and “Get It?” was the words used by Vince himself to show that the company was well aware of the attitude era they were going through.

Wrestlemania 39 is currently scheduled for April.


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