“They can’t keep calling all the shots” Chael Sonnen advises Jake Paul to stop pursuing Tommy Fury after missed press conference

The bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is scheduled to take place for the third time; however, according to Ariel Helwani, Jake’s team ought to move forward without Tommy at this point.

Two previous bouts between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had to be postponed at the last minute, both times because of Tommy Fury. First time it was because Tommy had an injury and the next time Tommy once again pulled himself out of the fight due to visa issues. 

On Wednesday Tommy and Jake were scheduled to attend a press conference in Saudi Arabia for a promotional event for their fight. When Tommy did not show up for the event, the likelihood of the fight occurring was called into question once more. Meanwhile Jake was present in Riyadh with his whole team doing the promotional work for the bout. 

ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani in an interview with The MMA Hour shared his opinion regarding Tommy’s absence from the conference and certainly the MMA specialist is not very happy with TNT. 

“They’ve got to kick Tommy Fury, and they’ve got to do it now. They cannot wait until the last minute. They cannot wait until the weigh-ins. They can’t let Fury keep calling all the shots” said Helwani.

As a result of Tommy not appearing in the press conference, Helwani is just as agitated as Jake Paul, which causes Ariel to have some hesitations about whether or not Tommy will actually go through with the fight after all.

“They have gotten a rougher go of anyone else ever, but at some point they have to make it clear that they are in charge. And today when he skipped the press conference, his second time, you cut him, you bring Perry in, and that is it.” Helwani further added. 



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