Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes unfazed by Aaron Rodgers’ presence in AFC, doesn’t view him as special motivation: “I don’t think it motivates me any more”

The Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes possesses incredible love for the former NFL icon and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady as he repeatedly discussed his desire to wear seven rings like ‘Tom Terrific’ and he even offered financial flexibility to his team to bring in strong weapons from around the league to reach the ultimate goal.

However, NFL fans might be wondering what the Chiefs superstar thinks about the New York Jets’ new quarterback and one of the most illustrious players in the league, Aaron Rodgers. The Lombardi Trophy winner shed light on the topic in a recent interview.

Patrick Mahomes weighs in on Aaron Rodgers’ AFC arrival

During an interview with Ben Felderstein, Patrick voiced his thoughts about the arrival of Rodgers to AFC, saying it is not going to add some extra motivation for him,

“I don’t think it motivates me anymore, but the crazy part was when you play those great quarterbacks, you expect to play them at some point in the playoffs, in the Super Bowl, that should be your goal. And so they come to the AFC, it just makes the AFC even better.”

Patrick Mahomes

The 27-year-old cited himself as a lucky individual to face top QBs every year in the AFC West and marked the face-off as the reason for his consecutive success in the league,

“I’ve been lucky enough to play in a division where it’s like playoff football every single week. People wonder why we have so much success. I’m like, when you play playoff football teams (in the regular season) then when you get to the playoffs, it doesn’t seem like it’s such a big transition.”

Has Patrick Mahomes faced Aaron Rodgers?

A-Rod and Pat’s teams faced off against each other twice till now. The first time the Green Bay Packers former QB met the Chiefs QB was back in 2019 in a regular season game and the Packers stole victory in the match with the 31-24 score, unfortunately, Mahomes missed the play due to a dislocated knee cap.

The two team’s second-time meeting was going to happen two years later in 2021 in another seasonal game and this time the Chiefs were able to take revenge for the first defeat with a score of 13-7, however, Aaron missed the game due to a positive COVID-19 test.

Aaron Rodgers

The Chiefs squad will travel to Big Apple in Week 4 of the 2023 season to take on Gang Green and if both of the franchise QBs appear in the game, we could finally witness the long-awaited face-off between two future Hall of Famers.

If these two heavyweights were to clash, who would you be rooting for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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