Chris Weidman urges Logan Paul to split PRIME hydration equity money with UFC fighters claiming “There’s nobody talking anymore about fighters getting a piece of that pie”

While Jake Paul has gained some credibility in the combat sports world owing to his actions, brother Logan is still hated pretty much everywhere owing to his controversies, scams, and attitude problems. But veteran UFC fighter Chris Weidman is willing to give the Youtuber a chance to show he really cares.

What did Chris Weidman say about Logan Paul?

Weidman said in a recent interview, “Logan Paul, who by the way, sounded like a complete buffoon when he got the mic in the fight, he went on Twitter and said he’d bet his equity in PRIME, the hydration energy drink. We now have hydration corners, the red and blue hydration corners. He said he’d bet his equity in that to anyone who wanted it, that Jake Paul would win this fight.”

He continued, “After the fight, he said, ‘Who wants it’. I’m sure he’s just messing around, but either way, I know his brother Jake Paul is about MMA fighters being taken care of. He would approve of this: Take your equity and, give it to all the UFC fighters, split it all up. Let’s not forget back in the day, we had sponsors on our shorts, they took everything away.”

He reminisces about the glory days, “Years go by, and there are multiple sponsors in the cage. There’s nobody talking anymore about fighters getting a piece of that pie. As an old-time guy myself, I don’t forget.”

Will Chris Weidman get a positive response?

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that Chris will see any of his demands met. Recently rumors broke out claiming KSI left the brand, but the news turned out to be fake later on. The Paul brothers like to talk a lot but don’t always put their money where their mouth is.

Jake has been talking about fighter pay for a very long time, yet he received significantly more money than his opponents for his fights. Here’s to hoping the fighter sponsorship issue sees better days.


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