“I kept having these nightmares before fighting” Jon Jones lifts lid on his bizarre crawling towards opponents ahead of UFC 285 bout vs Ciryl Gane

One of the first things a UFC fighter needs to conquer is his fear. Yet the fear comes back over and over throughout his career regarding issues like injury, loss, weight cuts, and whatnot. Former UFC Light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones also had such fears, and on one particular occasion, this led him to perform some strange actions.

Jones opened up recently, saying, “I kept having these nightmares before fighting Rampage Jackson that I would get knocked out, no matter how the fight played out I would get knocked out in the first 30 seconds. One scenario he ran at me threw an overhand right, the other was a right uppercut and another dream was a left hook. I couldn’t avoid this inevitable knockout that I was going to experience,”

He added, “I was able to hang on to this feeling and illusion of myself all the way through my walk to the cage. I felt like I walked into that Rampage Jackson fight as the featherman for the first time. My idea to crawl towards him was the only thing that hadn’t happened in my nightmares because every fight starts on the fight.”

The solution that came to his head was strange, “Something was just like ‘Get on your knees and crawl up to him’, then automatically the dream voids itself of him knocking you out immediately. So I did that and got to fight in this kind of alter-ego state, it was super powerful.”

What will Jon Jones do against Cyril Gane?

Jones has always been very keen on winning his battles. He was known as one of the dirtiest fighters in the UFC, and many believe his steroid abuse case might have something to do with his fear of losing. Cyril Gane is a different level of a fighter compared to his previous opponents.

Let’s hope the fighter does not need to come up with even weirder actions to set up the ‘Bon Gamin’ fight.


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