Francis Ngannou claims Jon Jones has “multiple personalities” after ‘Bones’ shifts stance over his UFC contract negotiation

Francis Ngannou, who left the UFC two months ago, revealed his shocking thoughts on former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

As the main event of the event on March 4 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Jon Jones and Cyril Gane will square off in the octagon to compete for the heavyweight title which has been vacant ever since Francis left the promotion. It has been three years since Jones’ previous fight, but he is ready to make his return to the UFC.

Jon Jones was often in discussions with the organization to face the former heavyweight king, but the bout never happened in the end. Francis is regarded as the most terrifying fighter in UFC history because of his powerful punches hence a fight between The Predator and Bones would be extremely exciting.

In a recent interview with the MMA Junkie, Francis Ngannou discussed in detail the reasons why he believes his bout with Jones never took place. According to the heavyweight fighter, he does not have any problem with Jon Jones and he is just happy with what he got.

”I think we all know that Jon Jones has multiple personalities, and sometimes it’s even hard for him to figure out who he really is – and I don’t have nothing to do with that. I think in this fight we could have been on the same side, instead of like fighting against each other, which is exactly what the system wants. You know, to divide the most, to conquer.” said Francis.

Francis also expressed that even though he is not really into that game between Jon and Gane but he sees clearly what’s happening and he wishes them all the best. The Cameroonian-French fighter thinks the deserving person should get the title.

”Hopefully, he’ll end up at peace with whatever he has that changed his mind, but I’m good, man. I don’t have the time to spend on drama. I just have a beautiful future ahead of me and I’m going to be focused on that and be grateful for what life has offered me.” Francis further added.



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