Chael Sonnen reveals shocking details of Jon Jones’ abuse of PED during UFC 159 bout

Chael Sonnen, who fought Jon Jones in UFC 159 in 2013, has disclosed some shocking details about Jones’ illegal performance-enhancing drug use.

After almost ten years since fighting Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen has made some shocking allegations, claiming Jones was doped up during their light heavyweight encounter. Chael, however, never revealed anything like this regarding the former light heavyweight king.

In a recent conversation with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, the American submission grappling promoter revealed some intriguing details surrounding Jon’s substance abuse.

“No. Heavens no. Oh my God. We know our own. I could tell, very easily. It would be the body. It would start with your delts, it would go to your nipples, then it would be the upper abs or the three big tells.” said Chael.

Sonnen, one of the UFC’s greatest trash-talkers, in his battle with Jones, which only lasted one round, was knocked out by the Bones. Jon pulled Sonnen with his hands- pulled him down in the cage, and started to beat him constantly until he was declared the winner.

“I had more juice than Tropicana and he pushed me around like a Mack truck versus a Volvo. As soon as we locked up with each other, as he’s pushing me backward before he comes with his big spinning elbow, I remember thinking, ‘I know your secret because I got the same one.” Sonnen  further added

Earlier, despite Jones’s outstanding accomplishments in the UFC, many people do not think Jon has yet earned the title of greatest UFC fighter ever due to facing the accusation of using illegal substances on numerous occasions. According to Chael, even though the authority tested Jones, nothing came out as it was a mere IQ test and had nothing to do with drugs or testing the fighter’s “doped up” state.


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