Jake Paul reportedly earned $30 million after Tommy Fury’s split decision win at Saudi Arabia

The Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight was years in the making and many thought the fight would actually never take place. Flash forward to February 26th, 2023, we finally got to see the duo brawl it out and deliver a great sporting event. Recent media posts suggest Jake got rewarded rather handsomely for his efforts.

On his Instagram, he teased a whopping $30 million payout for this fight despite taking a loss. For those not in the know, Reports suggest the current WBC heavyweight champion made $29.5 million ($36.5 million if you count the PPV bonus) for his title defense against Derek Chisora.

And here’s a reminder that Jake and Tommy can earn even more money should they agree to a rematch. Paul already had a clause in the contract that would warrant the rematch and he was quick with the callout upon defeat, “We can run it back. I think we deserve that rematch. All respect to Tommy, he won. Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses.”

‘The Problem Child’ also detailed possible reasons for the defeat, “I felt flat – I got sick really bad twice in this camp, injured my arm. This wasn’t my best performance, but that’s no excuse. This is definitely a humbling experience. I’ve made it further than I ever thought that I would, and beyond.”

How fair is the payment for Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury?

Tommy was in contract to get around $2 million and 35% of the PPV money. It is safe to say that Jake made more money than the British boxer. But we should remember the young Paul carried the whole fight pretty much on his back. Not only did Jake bring his huge fanbase but a lot of people tuned in just to see him lose.

Tommy Fury was also absent during one of the pre-fight press conferences which isn’t the most professional behavior. Tommy did admit to taking the fight for money so he should find some peace with the payday. Plus now he has massive bargaining power as the man who finally defeated Jake Paul.

Do you think the duo should run it back?


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