Christian Horner, Max Verstappen respond to distress call by Lewis Hamilton to the FIA for Red Bull restrain

In order to avoid dominance, Lewis Hamilton has some suggestions. However, these suggestions did not come up when he enjoyed his time in the dominant era from 2014-2020. These ideas are coming up at a time when Red Bull has pulled away from the rest of the pack and is looking forward to grabbing their third consecutive title in F1. 

There have been many comments, retaliations, and opinions about the idea raised by Sir Lewis Hamilton. He wants FIA to regulate the amount of time teams spend developing their car for the following year as top teams get an edge over the others. 

Max Verstappen exclaims of an “unfair” life following Hamilton’s plea

Max Verstappen has been seen saying, “Life is unfair as well. It’s not only in F1. We have to deal with it. We weren’t discussing that when he won his championships, right? So I don’t think we should now.” when asked about his opinion on the matter. 

Red Bull is currently the table topper in the constructor’s as well as the drivers’ leaderboards. With a 69-point lead over Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen is looking forward to securing his third championship title. However, with more sprints and races left, rival teams are left with a glimmer of hope to catch up to Verstappen. Presently, Lewis Hamilton stands fourth with a 93-point deficit against the Dutch driver. 

Horner rubbishes the call by Lewis Hamilton for Red Bull to restrain

Christian Horner does not hold back his horses ever. A case on point is the following comments he made regarding the suggestion raised by Lewis Hamilton. “He’s obviously talking from personal experience. How do you prevent people from thinking about or working on next year’s cars?”

Red Bull team principal believes that the most important thing in F1 is stability which has stood the test of time. He does not want to mess with the regulations and hopes to create convergence. Horner also mentioned that it would be an extremely difficult rule to restrict the amount of time a team spends on developing a car, as one cannot limit the human brain from thinking. 

“By the time we reach the end of 2025, all the teams will converge, and then we screw it all up and go again in 2026 [when new Power Unit regulations come into force].” he further added when asked about his thoughts on the 2026 regulations. 

Christian is already saddened with the restriction put on them with the wind tunnel time, as a team like AlphaTauri has almost double the amount of time that they have.

Christian Horner praises Lewis Hamilton for 'graciousness' but insists ruling was correct

Despite his good intention, Lewis Hamilton is not the right person to raise this issue as he once bore the fruits of the same. Stay tuned to SportsZion to catch the latest updates and issues raised in the sport. 

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