Days after Helmut Marko’s accusation, “fortunate” Lewis Hamilton calls FIA for change

Lewis Hamilton retaliated to the accusation raised by Helmut Marko when he asked about the former’s domination seen on track from 2014-2020 to Nico Rosberg. Lewis is done with Max Verstappen’s domination and wants to do something about it as soon as possible. 

Due to regulations, different eras in motorsport are formed. As a result, one emerges as the dominator. Red Bull is in the Sebastian Vettel era, and Mercedes is in the Lewis Hamilton era. Currently, Red Bull with Max Verstappen  are the new favourites more than anyone else. As the saying goes, Everyone has their time, and now it’s Max’s. 

Lewis Hamilton wants an end to the Red Bull monopoly

The only way to end long-term domination is if FIA limits the time a racing team can work on their respective car. He expressed that teams with the foremost cars can work on their following design earlier than competitors as they need to disburse fewer resources in the current season.

“If everyone had time [to start on the next car], no one has a head start, and then it’s a real race. Maybe that would help everyone be closer the following year. In my 17 years of being here, even before I got here, you would see periods of dominance, and it continues to happen. I was very fortunate to have one of those periods, and Max [Verstappen] is having one now. Something has got to change,” Lewis told the media. 

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He claims that when one team is so far ahead, let’s say 100 points ahead, they don’t need to do much development on their car. Hence they can start earlier on their next car. Considering the budget cap means spending that year’s money on next year’s car.

F1 has already presented a package of regulations to close the field over time, including a sliding scale of R&D time favouring the more vulnerable teams over the more successful ones. This year, Red Bull is facing an extra constraint on permitted development as retribution for overextending the budget cap in 2021.

Red Bull won the 100th race in Montreal

The Dutchman has also recently won his team their 100th race in Montreal, making Red Bull Racing one of the five teams ever to win a century of F1 races in history. The driver looks forward to extending his dominance and has reportedly set new goals, such as 200 wins for his team.

While Max said, “Life is unfair as well. It’s not only in F1. We have to deal with it. We weren’t discussing that when he won his championships, right? So I don’t think we should now.

Lewis commented that it’s not aimed at one person after congratulating Max and his team for their 100th win in Montreal. Let us know in the comments if you love a dominant Verstappen. 


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