CM Punk turns out culprit in WWE’s restricted freedom on promos

The Best in the World, CM Punk is one of the most controversial names in the pro wrestling world. Since leaving WWE after Royal Rumble 2014, Punk has not been seen in any company for years. But all sudden, Cm Punk makes his most awaited comeback in All Elite Wrestling Promotion.

Since his debut, Punk has targeted the WWE company many times, regarding their lack of creative freedom but from the recent words, it seems like he is also the main culprit or reason behind having more scripted promos in Stamford-based promotion.

CM Punk the reason for more scripted promos in WWE

The actions of dropping the F-bomb by the Second City Saint seem to be the reason for more scripting in WWE promos. Recently, While speaking to Bill Apter on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s WrestleBinge, Sgt. Slaughter claimed that he was told Vince McMahon was furious about the actions of CM Punk after he dropped the f-bomb. The WWE Hall of Famer also claimed that this also ended up in making WWE promos more scripted. Slaughter said that “I was told that CM Punk was using the F-bomb on live television, and Vince got a little upset about that, so he just said, that’s it, no more ad-libbing. We’re gonna script everything so I know what people are saying. I’m gonna lose my sponsors and my TV shows if I don’t. So the business went a different direction.”.

Cm Punk

So it clearly appears like Vince is overall not happy with the way Punk made himself look cool by having that promo because ultimately it results in losing sponsors for the company in their TV shows.

AEW Collision currently under CM Punk’s creative control: Report

With his behavior in WWE, it is clear that Punk did not liked the lackluster creative freedom. After his return at the AEW Collision show, many reports are circulating and suggesting that the newly debuted show is currently under the creative control of Punk.

Tony Khan announced the return of Punk a couple of weeks back. While having this announcement, the crowd gave their mixed response as they seems to be not fully happy regarding his return. Also, The Best in the World encountered major boos from AEW fans on the second episode of AEW Collision.

Cm Punk

As the crowd is already turning against Punk, it will be interesting to see What the future next holds for him. The ratings of the AEW Collision also declined after their debut show. Overall, Punk also seems to not be at this best, in All Elite Wrestling promotion.

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