Cody Rhodes claims entire Bloodline to abandon Roman Reigns “a chief without a tribe” following WWE WrestleMania 39

Cody Rhodes, who is scheduled to fight against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39, has issued a severe warning to the current WWE Universal Champion ahead of their impending matchup.

The American Nightmare and The Tribal Chief had their final exchange of words on the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired last night before they face one other at WrestleMania 39 to determine who would be the undisputed  WWE Universal Champion. 

What did Cody Rhodes say to Roman Reigns? 

In preparation for their match at WrestleMania, both Roman and Cody appeared at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri in RAW yesterday. Following some remarks from the Tribe Chief, Cody opened fire on the reigning champion.

“There you’ll be, a man without a family. A Roman with no more reigns. A chief without a tribe.” Cody said to Roman. 

The American Nightmare appears to be challenging Roman’s reign as the most dominating wrestler in the WWE, leading to widespread suspicion that The Tribal Chief’s lengthy reign in the business may be coming to an end. When asked how far he is willing to go to take the crown from Roman, Rhodes revealed his thoughts.

“It would mean vindication. When is the end? Is the end when I win the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship or is the end when I win that title and then take it every single place I can possibly take it, and excel and deliver on a level no champion has done in years? I want to cut a schedule like Bret Hart, like Ric Flair.” said Rhodes.

After a lengthy absence, Rhodes made his triumphant return to the ring on January 28 and went on to win the Royal Rumble this year. If he is able to dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania and become the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, it would be a narrative that will be told for generations to come.

“I want to do something very different than modern champions have done where there is a bit of a ‘less is more’ schedule. I want a ‘more is more’ schedule.” Cody further added.

WrestleMania 39, dubbed “WrestleMania Goes Hollywood,” will take place in the SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California from April 1.

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