Colby Covington blasts Belal Muhammad saying “he should literally be fined and kicked out of UFC” after racist claims

UFC enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating Colby Covington’s return to the octagon. His most recent victory was against former close associate Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272 on March 5, 2022. Covington currently holds the second rank in the welterweight division and is considered a worthy title contender.

Despite this, he has not been offered a bout that would make him the top candidate for the UFC Welterweight Championship.

Odd as it may sound, the biggest victor of UFC 286 could possibly be Colby Covington. After purportedly being sucker punched by former adversary Jorge Masvidal, Covington had been unusually silent on the sidelines for nearly a year.

However, he suddenly resurfaced at UFC 286, creating a significant impact by weighing in as the main event backup, and his previous rival Kamaru Usman failed to regain the championship belt.

After being confirmed as the champion, Leon Edwards was declared by UFC President Dana White to have his next title defense against “Chaos.” However, this decision has been met with opposition from several fighters, including the current champion.

Colby Covington lashes out at Belal

Belal Muhammad seems to be the most dissatisfied with the decision, despite winning eight of his last nine fights and arguably having the best winning streak in the 170 lbs division. He has consistently criticized Covington since the announcement, and in a now-deleted tweet, he even used Covington’s ethnicity to justify his title shot.

Despite several public challenges to fight Covington, Muhammad has not been given the opportunity. He is currently ranked fourth in the division and has won eight consecutive fights. Despite his impressive resume, Covington does not believe Muhammad deserves a fight against the former Interim UFC Welterweight Champion.

Covington wasted no time in responding. During an interview with James Lynch, he strongly criticized Muhammad, accusing him of being “racist” and “disgusting.”

“I’m not going to pick some kid up that is on the bottom of the prelims. You got to earn your way up here. That guy is racist, man,” Covington said (via Cole Shelton). “He was saying the only reason that happened is because I’m white. How is that not racist? That is disgusting. That is despicable, that is f—king disgusting, man. I would never say that and use someone’s color of their skin by that’s why they got that done. Disgusting, man. He should literally be fined and kicked out of the UFC.”

Belal Muhammad

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