Cody Rhodes continues to wow fans as WWE star offers tickets to young fan to attend WWE Holiday Tour in Detroit

Now that Thanksgiving is here, WWE superstars are doing their part to support their fans. Popular WWE star Cody Rhodes shocked fans with his kind nature. The previous year has seen a meteoric rise in his fan base, and now he’s really stretching himself. In the holiday spirit, Rhodes volunteered to pay for a fan and their family’s tickets.

Before the holidays, Cody Rhodes got in touch with a young fan who wanted to see him perform live. It was all because of a WWE Thanksgiving post. Many on the WWE roster, including Cody Rhodes, are using social media to drum up interest in the November 25 Premium Live Event using the Thanksgiving ceremony.

Cody Rhodes’ heartwarming gesture

The huge ‘War’ that Cody Rhodes has been training for is happening this coming Saturday. At WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, he’ll be teaming up with Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, Jey Uso. The return of Randy Orton to take on The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre in the WarGames match is also confirmed.

Everyone from adults to children has a soft spot for Cody Rhodes, a beloved WWE talent. His appearance is anticipated by fans each week, whether it is for a regular series or a live event. He always makes an effort to please his supporters. WWE tweeted to followers on Thanksgiving asking who they have to be grateful to.

A female supporter wrote a brief essay and posted a photo of a little girl who uses a wheelchair. The American Nightmare was moved by the narrative and decided to take action. A month from now, the child and her family will be working hard to fulfill her desire to attend WWE’s Holiday Tour in Detroit. Since Cody Rhodes saw the message, he has volunteered to pay for everyone there to see the performance in Detroit next month.

Cody Rhodes’ previous acts of generosity

Like his predecessor John Cena, Cody Rhodes is utilizing social media to stay in touch with his devoted fan base. When a little fan expressed a longing to attend WWE’s Holiday Tour in Detroit, Cody not only volunteered to pay for their tickets but also won hearts throughout the WWE Universe. Twitter erupted with fans praising Cody, calling him the “best babyface” in the business.

Cody Rhodes
via twitter

Cody’s empathy was on full display during his match against Finn Balor. He hugged a little fan who was weeping. Cody recalled in an interview another heartfelt conversation with a fan, in which he expressed regret for a loss and gratitude for the audience’s support. Moreover, he often shocks his followers by gifting them his belts.

What’s your take on Cody Rhodes’ friendly vibe with fans? Drop your thoughts on his upcoming Survivor Series WarGames match!


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