Fans left far from pleased with ROH dubbing Ronda Rousey entrance theme : “awful decision”

Ronda Rousey, known as the ‘Baddest Woman On The Planet,’ has been a top star in the women’s division and has dominated all forms of wrestling she has entered. She had a supreme career in both UFC and WWE, where she held championships multiple times.

Recently, Rousey made her surprise debut at the ROH after her contract ended with WWE. She debuted with an altered version of her iconic theme with which fans were not happy.

Ronda Rousey theme “bad reputation” altered at ROH

Ronda Rousey made her WWE debut with the Bad Reputation theme song. The song was composed by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. It was originally released in 1980. The fans were really loving this song, as the lyrics gave her a good rise among other superstars in the WWE. The song is about breaking down barriers and overcoming adversity, and it is fast-paced and aggressive, which reflects Rousey’s fighting style. The lyrics are also confident and assertive, which matches her personality.

Ronda Rousey made her Ring of Honor (ROH) debut on November 17, 2023. She made her debut with a new version of her Bad Reputation song. The melody of the song remained unchanged, reminiscent of its previous iteration, while the lyrics underwent subtle modifications to align with her updated portrayal at the Royal Opera House.

Fans not happy about Ronda’s iconic theme being changed

The altered version of her iconic song was not appreciated by the fans. The theme song “Bad Reputation” was altered for her ROH debut. The original version of the song features lyrics that reference WWE, which are obviously not applicable to her new promotion. The altered version of the song simply removes those references, making it more neutral and appropriate for use in ROH.

Fans went on social media to react to her ROH debut. Fans were not happy about her theme song being changed in her debut, and a fan commented, “No Thanks. Awful Decision”. This shows clear frustration among the fans didn’t welcome her new theme song.

The changes to the song are relatively minor. The only significant difference is the removal of the references to WWE. This change was necessary to make the song more appropriate for use in ROH. Overall, the altered version of “Bad Reputation” is still a catchy and effective theme song for Ronda Rousey. It captures her badass persona and her status as a top-tier wrestler.

Ronda Rousey’s participation in ROH is currently limited to occasional appearances, yet there are conjectures regarding the possibility of her securing a permanent agreement with the promotion down the line. The debut match garnered positive reception, indicating her potential as a valuable asset to the ROH roster.


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