Colin Cowherd slams Michael Jordan’s criticism-proof status by attributing it to successful Air Jordan marketing campaign

It seems NBA analyst Colin Cowherd has some issues with former Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan after the latter’s other business project ended in gross failure.

After Charlotte Hornets’ consistent downfall, the owner, Michael, felt it was right to move on from the role by selling the majority share. Under his leadership, the franchise only appeared in the postseason twice in the last 12 years.

Colin Cowherd

However, Colin is still furious with the decision to buy the franchise in the first place and recently pointed the finger at his criticism-proof status.

What did Colin Cowherd say about Michael Jordan?

Despite experiencing the most shambolic performances season after season, the 59-year-old thinks the fans are not criticizing him enough. He took a shot at his endorsed brand, and Air Jordan’s marketing phenomenon is still mesmerizing the fans these days.

“You can criticize anybody. Magic, Kobe, and Duncan You can’t criticize Michael Jordan. Think of the power of the Air Jordan marketing campaign. Probably the most brilliant campaign ever,” the analyst identified.

“It’s created a Teflon shield around Michael so that when he punches Steve Kerr, Well, he’s just very competitive. If Draymond Green punches Jordan Poole, a cocky, trash-talking reserve, throw him out of the league,” the cowherd slams the bubble that protects the six-time NBA champion.

Despite the appearance of a cheap conspiracy theory, Jordan’s fans subconsciously protect him. He won three playoffs twice in a single decade, even in the middle of retirement drama. It appeared that MJ has a strong influence on his fandom.

However, as time changes, the former Bulls shooting guard has started getting sticks from fans, critics, and even his teammate. Colin also brought up Charles Barkley’s comments, which made the goat really bad and the relationship turns gray.

What’s your take on Michael Jordan’s recent failures? Do you agree with Colin Cowherd? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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