Logan Paul promises epic WrestleMania 39 performance by taking down Seth Rollins on his birthday

Will Logan Paul have a happy birthday, or will he suffer his second consecutive high-profile loss during a “Premium Live Event”? Regardless of the outcome, it promises to be an entertaining spectacle as both Logan and his opponent are known for their showmanship.

Logan is set to make a comeback to the WWE ring as part of WrestleMania Goes Hollywood. He will face off against former WWE Champion Seth Rollins. The question remains, can he defeat Rollins?

Logan Paul’s Face-off Against Seth Rollins 

Paul has already demonstrated his ability to deliver quality performances inside the wrestling ring. Facing off against a talent of Seth’s caliber has made this “celebrity” match one of the most highly anticipated in recent years.

While WrestleMania typically aims to attract more casual viewers by featuring big names like Floyd Mayweather, NFL’s Lawrence Taylor, Bad Bunny, and Johnny Knoxville. Having a high-profile figure like Logan Paul could not only draw in viewers. But also potentially result in the best match of the entire weekend.

This is something that cannot always be said for celebrity appearances in wrestling. The feud between Logan Paul and Seth Rollins began when Paul attacked Rollins during the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event in February of 2023.

Logan Paul WWE 2023

Logan Paul set to celebrate his birthday with a bang

During the Elimination Chamber Premium Live Event. Paul attacked Rollins and caused him to lose the chance of winning back the United States Championship. Allowing Austin Theory to win instead. Following this incident, it became apparent that a WrestleMania match between the two was in the works.

Rollins even went as far as to disparage Logan’s brother Jake Paul during a Raw episode. He provoked the social media personality into a match at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul ahead of the Clash against Seth Rollins

While Seth may not necessarily need to win his match against Logan at ‘Mania, he should definitely come out on top. It’s worth considering the potential continuation of Rollins’ storyline with Cody Rhodes. If Rhodes manages to defeat Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania Goes Hollywood Night 2.

Then it would make sense for him to feud with Rollins next. There have been rumors of Rollins being a part of the Backlash main event in May 2023 alongside Reigns and Rhodes. So a convincing win over Paul would set him up nicely for that direction.

For these reasons, it seems likely that Rollins will ultimately come out on top against Paul. However, this match has the potential to be one of the most spectacular of the weekend. It could go down as the greatest celebrity match in WrestleMania history.

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