Commanders QB Sam Howell opens up on working with Patrick Mahomes ex-offensive coach Eric Bieniemy: ‘‘I’m a lot better’’

After starting his duty as the Kansas City Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy helped Patrick Mahomes to moonlight as a hero in the NFL with multiple records and accolades, however, he later joined the Washington Commanders to guide their star quarterback Sam Howell.

Howell had nothing but praise for Mahomes former OC as he raved about Bieniemy, expressing immense gratitude for the opportunity to learn from him and speaking about the positive impact it has had on his game.

What are Sam Howells’ views on new OC Eric Bieniemy?

Bieniemy had a successful 10 seasons stint in Kansas City including two Super Bowl titles and five consecutive AFC championships and led the team to be in the top list of the offensive teams in the league.

However, after being appointed to the Commanders’ team, the 53-year-old is now rushing to teach Howell all the methods he applied for Mahomes’ team, in addition, the Commander’s quarterback Sam is also enthusiastic about the opportunity to play under the new offensive coordinator and already with his guidance, the quarterback has found a lot of spirit and an eye-catching improvement in him.

What does Eric Bieniemy hire mean for Commanders QB Sam Howell?

“I feel like I’m a lot better,” he said via ESPN. “Once I knew we had E.B. [Bieniemy] I was watching Kansas City film and seeing what they were doing. I was able to match up my footwork.”

Can Eric Bieniemy take Sam Howell to the next level in his NFL career?

Howell found himself in the good book of the Commander’s team, hence the team ended up drafting him in the fifth round. After a successful stint at North Carolina, the 22-year-old bounced back from his short fallings in practice and impressed teammates and coaches.

However, having a hard-nosed offensive coordinator like Eric changes the overall environment of a team’s defense as the teams need a dedicated and hard-working player like Sam to grasp all the stuff that the OC can provide him with.

“It’s something I’ve really never heard before,” Howell said. “Coach EB says it all the time, to overcommunicate clarity. Just saying one more word, one more code word that means something they need to hear.”

Eric Bieniemy: I love that Sam Howell is always steady and very competitive

With a successful and prolific installation of a new system in the Commanders’ offense through the former Chiefs offensive coordinator, the Washington team has already paved the way for their quarterback to have a blast in the next season and establish his name next to the best quarterbacks of the league while a blossoming relationship between the quarterback and the offensive coordinator can work as a great solution for the team who is in a hunger of success in this lineup.

As the team hits the field, the Commanders fans will eagerly wait to see if Bieniemy can continue his track record of success in Washington and how well the relationship between the Commanders’ OC and QB can be translated into on-field success for the team.


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