Years after accepting boxing match challenge, Conor McGregor follows the dark path of challenger Oscar De La Hoya

Conor McGregor once accepted a boxing bout challenge fron Oscar De La Hoya. However, after a few years the Irishman is facing similar allegations that ‘Golden Boy’ once faced.

McGregor has been the subject of sexual harassment accusations before. This time, a woman has accused the UFC veteran of raping her at Game 4 of the NBA Finals earlier this month. 

The Golden Boy’s gloomy past violations

Oscar De La Hoya faced a serious sexual allegations in 2020. The woman who accused Oscar said that back in Mexico when she was spending her holidays at the Casa Mexico Tequila distillery, got assaulted by the boxer.

De La Hoya, in a press statement, later claimed himself to be innocent by saying, “I am confident my legal team will resolve this matter and prove my innocence.” 

McGregor accepted a boxing match challenge from De La Hoya

Conor McGregor and Oscar De La Hoya have not engaged in a professional boxing contest. However, there have already been speculations and rumours regarding a confrontation between the two.

In 2008, De La Hoya announced his retirement from boxing following a remarkable career that saw him win numerous world titles in various weight classes. However, a few years ago ‘Golden Boy’ expressed his desire to fight McGregor.

“Oh, come on, brother. Two rounds. Because one thing about me, I went for the kill always. Conor McGregor is⁠—I love him in the Octagon. But the boxing ring is a whole different story. It’s a whole different story.” Oscar said. 

The Notorious however, accepted Oscar’s challenge by saying,” I accept your challenge, Oscar de la Hoya.” Ultimately the two never stepped into the ring to take on each other. 

Chandler vs McGregor seems highly unlikely

Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler’s bout is arguably one of the UFC’s most eagerly anticipated fights this year. It now appears improbable that the fight will take place given how it has progressed over the past four months.

The Notorious is still refusing to take part in the testing pool as USADA continues to put pressure on the former lightweight champion to do so. According to regulations, Conor is ineligible to compete unless he re-enrolls and displays clean results at least twice in the previous six months. 

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