Commanders reportedly released QB Carson Wentz alongside DB Bobby McCain saving $26.2million on salary cap

The NFL free agency market starts on March 15, and before the event where players will get their new landing spots, the Washington Commanders are preparing themselves to get the “best bang for their bucks.” This season players like quarterback Carson Wentz and defensive end Bobby McMain could not prove themselves and make a solid impression, so the team released them to ensure they get new players suiting their camp better. 

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz.
Bobby McCain.
Bobby McCain.

Why did the Commanders release QB Carson Wentz and DB Bobby McCain?

The Commanders team also saved a massive $ 26.2 million on salary cap realizing 30-year-old QB Carson Wentz. The quarterback this season only played eight games running 1755 yards and scoring eleven touchdowns, along with his nine interceptions. Carson could not continue with the team due to fracturing his figure in week six. 

On the other hand, even though the quarterback’s stats do not seem all too shabby, during the eight games Carson played, the Commanders could only win two. Conversely, the Commanders ended their season seeded bottom of the NFC East tables with only eight wins. If Wentz could have won tight games, for instance, against the Panthers and the Ravens, the Washington team might have had a better chance of qualifying for the playoffs. 

Defensive end Bobby McCain made seventy-six tackles and assisted in twenty-three tackles from his teammates. Yet, the Washington team could not stop the offensive units of the Lions and the 49ers from scoring “Big” and exceeding the thirty-point mark. The team combination might have been the cause of their poor run of play this season, which the Commanders will look to improve with new players starting in the team next season. 

The Washington Commander does have an added advantage as they look to bring new players into their camp. QB Wentz had another two years with the team, and if the team retained him, they had to pay him an enormous $26.2 million. The team from Washington will now utilize the money to bring in players who synchronize better with the rest of the offensive and defensive lineups. 

Can the Washington team improve their game next season? Time will tell.


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