Ex-NFL RB Zac Stacy sentenced to jail after severely attacking his girlfriend caught on video

Former NFL professional Zac Stacy was arrested for his domestic violence and assault against his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans, which took place in August 2021. He was able to elude law enforcement for over a year prior to his arrest.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office attempted to apprehend the perpetrator, but after fleeing the state, Zac was apprehended in Orlando and claimed his girlfriend ‘staged’ the assault incident in order to implicate him as a criminal. However, the video clip that went viral suggests otherwise.

On Monday, the Orange County Court ruled on a sentence for the former athlete during the hearing.

What was the court’s ruling on Zac Stacy?

The prosecutor charged the 31-year-old with one count of misdemeanor domestic violence battery and two counts of misdemeanor criminal mischief, and the judge sentenced him to one year of probation in the county jail.

Before the hearing, the victim claimed in a court document that Stacy physically assaulted her several times to get the money he gave for the rent back. She also provided the video and evidence of bodily harm caused by Stacy.


The video contains scenes of severe violence, including Kristen being thrown into the television in front of their months-old baby. The running back, as the video clearly shows, put his child and the child’s mother in physical danger.

However, earlier this month, Zac agreed to plead guilty to these charges and was sentenced to jail, although there was no indication of the start of his sentence yet.

zac stacy violence
The alleged injuries. (credit: TMZ)

Zac played for the St. Louis Rams after they picked him in the 5th round of the 2013 NFL draft. Later, he played for the New York Jets, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and Memphis Express irregularly.

Prior to becoming a pro footballer, he played for Vanderbilt Commodores football at the college level. In 2017, he left the NFL to care for his mentally challenged younger brother.


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