“Work hard, win a few Super Bowls, and party hard” Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce continue to party non-stop in Vegas

The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl two weeks ago. After Patrick Mahomes led his team to their second title in four years with an injured foot, the player returned to training with only ten days since their nail-biting victory over the impressive Philadelphia Eagles, only to return at the Chiefs Super Bowl party!

Seeing Mahomes back in training was shocking since he still had his concerning injury. Yet his fans believed he would not take such a risk unless his doctors permitted him. On the other hand, along with his tight end mate Travis Kelce, Patrick loves to “party hard.” 

So, after training for a couple of days, Mahomes headed his way into Sin City with the rest of the crew for a wild Chiefs Super Bowl party! 

What happened at the Chiefs Super Bowl party?

The Kansas City Chiefs players looked forward to enjoying the time of their lives in Vegas. On the other hand, as the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce seemed out of control in their attempt to entertain their fans in what appeared to be a nightclub. 

The Chiefs Super Bowl party in the club included a football-themed cake and Mahomes, and Kelce wasted no time posing inform of the delicious and eye-catching “art-pastry.” Other than that, there was a gigantic Champagne bottle with unlimited booze for all the players to enjoy. 

Not only did the likes of Patrick and Travis get crazy drunk, but also they did not fail to entertain the crowd, with Mahomes attempting to be the DJ and Kelce using the mammoth Champagne bottle as a baseball bat!

All the players certainly enjoyed dancing with their fans on a night that seemed to be one of their best party events. With the Chiefs in Las Vegas, the celebrations might never end!

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