“I’m in a good spot” Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes resumes normal training regimen ten days following Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes was phenomenal and the best quarterback in the NFL last season. Going into Super Bowl LVII, Mahomes received the MVP award for his outstanding and incredible performances on the field that had helped the underdog Kansas City team to move forward to the main event of the NFL- the Super Bowl, which they won, defeating Jalen Hurts and his flock of destructive Eagles. 

However, Patrick had to work extremely hard last season as he suffered from a severe ankle injury. The Philadelphia team did not show any mercy to the twenty-seven-year-old quarterback and targeted his injured ankle to get him off the ground.

Despite their menacing attempts, Mahomes continued with his determination and hunger, allowing him to give it his all and emerge as the victor of the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. 

Now that the Super Bowl is over, fans expected Patrick to take his time and enjoy his life. Even though Mahomes gave his family a few days of quality time, did he stay in the “Family guy” mode? Well, no, as it turns out, Patrick Mahomes is already back at practice sessions just ten days after the Super Bowl!

Why is Patrick Mahomes Back in practice so early?

Patrick Mahomes ended Super Bowl LVII as the best quarterback and MVP; like many great payers, Mahomes desires to remain in his top position. He got himself in the King’s mentality- sitting at his thrown and ruling will not do it; he must always remain prepared for the next big challenge so that no one can stanch away his throne from him. 

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes resumes his training after ten days.

On the other hand, while many reporters asked the Chiefs’ star quarterback just days before the Super Bowl whether he is eyeing Brady’s feats, Mahomes, in a way, said yes, promised to give it his all and asked the reporters to come back to him when he is thirty-eight. It seems like Patrick is living up to his word and will attempt another five Super Bowls.


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However, for that, he needs to remain fit, and what other way than to train his Body? He is likely to risk his injury more, yet a determined player like Mahomes would not have returned to training without clearance from his doctors. 

Will running the extra mile do it for Patrick Mahomes? Time will tell, precisely another eleven years later from Patrick’s end! Stay tuned for exciting updates.

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