Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes presents $5K Chanel purse birthday gift to his daughter after Super Bowl LVII win

Patrick Mahomes, after his MVP title and Super Bowl victory against the Eagles, was making many headlines regarding irresponsible behavior in the Chiefs victory parade. However, “what appears is not always the reality” was again proven by the Chiefs’ star quarterback.

With all the drama over, Mahomes finally managed time and celebrated his daughter Sterling’s second Birthday with his family. At the grand Birthday party, Patrick gave his daughter a whooping present that made the fans go, “wow”. 

What was Patrick Mahomes’ grand present to his two-year-old daughter?

Playing in the NFL does come with its pros and cons. While the players must stay fit, risk injuries on the field, and remain with the team in the season- away from their families- they are rewarded with a ginormous pay cheque. Mamomes has made millions playing this year’s season and knows how to spend it. 

He showcased his taste and eye for beauty while buying a gift for his daughter. While most parents opt for expensive toys for their children, Patrick Mahomes goes over the edge and buys his newly turned two-year-old a $5,000 Chanel Bag. 

Most fans could not believe their eyes as the bag was most certainly expensive for a two-year-old birthday gift. However, Sterling appeared pleased to receive the gift from her father. At first, the baby does not react, but after her mother asks whether she “loves” the gift, Sterling replies with her adorable baby words and smiles while eating a cookie. 

Even though the fans, were shocked seeing the Mahomes’ gift they could not get their eyes off the cuteness of Patrick’s daughter who won their hearts. Before, Sterling’s birthday party Mahomes and his wife Brittany posted on Instagram sharing their family moments with fans. In their post the couple wrote, “Our Sterling Skye turns 2 tomorrow! 💗” and shared the beautiful video.

What did you make of Patrick Mahomes’ expensive gift? You can share your thoughts in the comments. 


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3 thoughts on “Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes presents $5K Chanel purse birthday gift to his daughter after Super Bowl LVII win”

  1. Well if u got the money to buy that kind of gift for ur 2 yr old daughter then so b it. It’s their money and their business.

  2. What great parents you are. You can tell how proud and how much you love your babies. I love her chanel purse and you will be building her a purse room like your shoe room. Go Chiefs!


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